Humanity now has support for businesses that schedule employees and shifts at multiple locations, or within multiple divisions at a single location. Up until now accounts have been using a workaround, which worked, but isn’t quite as elegant as what is available now.

Location Types 
Locations can be setup in two types:

Primary locations are typically physical locations where your business has operations. Schedules are assigned to Primary Locations.

Secondary locations are for setting locations to individual shifts and events outside the normal primary location(s).

Setting up Locations 
Adminstrator’s can setup locations by clicking on the ‘Admin’ tab within their Humanity account, and then selecting the new ‘Locations’ option in the left panel. Locations are easy to setup; All you need to provide is the type (see above), name & address. You can even drag and drop a pin around on a map to set your location exactly to where you need it.

Here’s what it looks like:

Assigning Schedules to Locations 
Assign each of your schedules to a location from the schedule management screen: (Schedule -> ‘Edit’)

Assigning Staff to Locations 
Each staff member can be assigned to one primary location, as well as assigned to individual schedules across all locations on your account:

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Assigning Shifts to Locations 
Shifts are automatically assigned to the primary location for the schedule that they are on; They can also be individually assigned to a secondary location for scheduling outside of the norm. Access the location support from the Advanced Shift Edit: 
Note: Locations will be saved for future use

Mapping / Directions 
Once schedules/shifts are assigned to a location mapping is available for staff members both from within their account, as well as in e-mail notifications(see below). From this same window you can also access print / direction friendly versions of your schedule. Remember – In order for the directions functionality to work correctly you will need to have your employee profile up-to-date with your address.

Alongside all shifts notifications you’ll see the address, as well as quick links to view/print a map, as well as get turn by turn directions to the shift location.