TCP's Humanity Scheduling & TimeClock Plus Software Are Now Connected

Both TimeClock Plus and Humanity have stellar reputations in the market for their robust and customizable workforce management capabilities. Now, companies across industries can leverage both of these powerful solutions to upgrade their time tracking and scheduling processes – seamless data flow included.

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How Are TimeClock Plus software and Humanity Scheduling Connected?


TimeClock Plus software acts as the single source of truth for employee data, including contact details, job codes, qualifications and leave requests so there is no duplicate data entry.


Humanity remains the scheduling hub which syncs the latest shift information back to TimeClock Plus, where it’s used for exporting timesheets and managing payroll.


Your New Workforce Ally

With its award-winning time clocks and configurable timekeeping capabilities, TCP's TimeClock Plus has you covered for time & attendance the same way Humanity does for rosters. The powerful suite of solutions enables you to automate your time tracking, simplify leave management, and export thorough reports to help you streamline workflows and perform immediate and accurate calculations.


Makes Payroll a Breeze

TimeClock Plus software offers configurable integrations with all major payroll providers, empowering your team to automate the process from clock-in to direct deposit. The latest scheduling information is pulled directly from Humanity Scheduling, so you have all details on hours worked and jobs associated with those hours readily available and organized in the system. No siloes, no errors.


Elevates Your Current HCM

Like Humanity Scheduling, the TimeClock Plus suite takes your HCM or ERP implementation to the next level. With integrations with Workday, PeopleSoft ERP, and Oracle HCM, TimeClock Plus supports your organization in streamlining processes, maintaining the highest level of data security, and ensuring compliance.


Promotes Both Security and Efficiency

Siloed data management systems may be a good solution for security, but they restrict data access and flow which are crucial for effective workforce management processes. With Humanity Scheduling and TimeClock Plus, the two-way sync is automatically activated every 5 minutes, meaning that data exists in virtually one place. Attendance and scheduling details are always aligned and accessible to the right people.

Customers Choose TCP Software to Automate Workforce Management

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