Careers at Humanity

Humanity is a group of Entrepreneurs that believe in working together as a team to develop, support and sell a world class application to help businesses around the world operate more efficiently. We launch quickly. We adapt quickly. We are not afraid to make mistakes.

We're hiring, and looking for talented individuals that are


You wear your heart on your sleeve and it shows in your work.


You like to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.


People can easily see you for who you are. No ifs, ands or buts.


You are highly motivated and see success as the only option.

Open positions

Our core values are teamwork, open communication and respect.


At Humanity, we believe the world is not only our oyster but also yours. That’s why we want you to explore it while working for us.

We encourage teamwork and team training by letting you travel to our offices the world over to see your colleagues in action as well as experience and explore some unique social and business cultures.

We also provide our employees with the freedom and opportunity to pack their bags and work remotely from anywhere in the world.


Kindle Club

You can never learn enough as far as we are concerned. Whether to relax or expand your horizons business-wise, we provide kindles loaded with great books for anyone to read.
Consider it a book of the month club but on steroids. Suggest to others or have them suggested to you. Pull up a sofa and relax on us!



Our core philosophy is teamwork. No “us”, “we” or “management” vs. “workers”. Everything is transparent both from financial reporting to hiring decisions to use of company money.

Have a vote in everything we do. Don’t like something, be the first one to change it. Really. It’s that easy.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

At our core is a group of talented entrepreneurs that believe in being quick on our feet to launch game-changing applications.


Benefits of working for Humanity

It's our job to make your workplace better. That's why we make sure that Humanity is a great place to work as well. Our goal is to provide a healthy and caring work environment that facilitates employee productivity and, above all, happiness.

Convenient Office Location

Located in the heart of two beautiful cities (San Francisco and Belgrade).

Stock Options

Everyone on our team gets to share in the vision, pride and financial success of our company through our employee equity program.

International work environment

Work with a worldwide team of people based in offices on three continents.

Relaxed Environment

We don’t have dress codes and encourage collaboration in an open and relaxed environment.

Providing Valuable Service

Work on Something that matters. We have thousands of customers in over 50 countries.

Career Opportunity

With incredible growth comes great opportunities to expand your reach as a contributor.

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