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Why You Should be Using Employee Referrals to Find and Hire New Talent

Offering incentives to your current staff members to help you find high-quality new hires is a practice that has been proven as a credible and productive one.

Product Updates: Upcoming Navigation Move, Ghost Shifts and More

The Humanity product team is firing on all cylinders; tirelessly working to bring you great new staff scheduling features and innovations.

Moving On: How Good Managers Resign From Their Jobs

Having a bad manager is one of the biggest reasons employees state when asked why they are leaving a job. So it’s no surprise that losing a high-quality, skilled manager can cause confusion and sometimes even fear among employees.

Clearer Visualization of Shift Conflicts for Easier Identification

With our latest update of the Schedule Overview, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to identify shift conflicts.

20 Tips for Managing Hourly Employees and Keeping Them Engaged

It’s important to recognize that part-time and hourly workers are a very significant and integral part of the workforce and that they should be treated as such.

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