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Chris Amani Humanity

Humanity Names Chris Amani as New Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Amani to Help Fuel Workforce Management Technology Expansion and Market Growth

The Complete Guide to Absence Management

Employee absenteeism is a significant source of concern—and expense—for businesses both large and small.

Boost Your Retention: Employee Turnover and How To Reduce It

Employers aren’t necessarily having trouble attracting applicants for their job openings, they’re having a difficult time retaining their best employees and keeping them with the company for a longer period of time.

10 Back-to-School Season Tips to Help Retailers Meet and Surpass Their Sales Goals

If you’re looking for ways to maximize your profits and ring up sales that are going to meet and exceed your sales goals this back-to-school reason, there are 10 great tips that will help you get there if implemented correctly.

demand based scheduling

Is Demand-Based Scheduling the Future of Employee Scheduling?

The more employees you have and the more complex your schedule needs become, the more information you need to improve and streamline your scheduling process.

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