Humanity’s Mobile employee scheduling app is very useful for various activities such as viewing schedules, picking up shifts, employee communication, time clocking etc. Our users say it really helps them to do lot of above activities very quickly on the go.

This time we have added a new feature in time clock module of our mobile employee scheduling app. Now you and your employees can easily take breaks during your work schedule from your mobile device.This feature was a part of our web application from sometime but now it is available on your iPhone, iPad and  android scheduling apps.

Here is an example. 
Once you are clocked in you will see this screen,

Just click on “Break” option. Your break will start from that same time and following screen will appear,

Once you finish your break, click on “Continue” and you will see this screen,

This feature will help field employees, contractors and other remote working staff who do not have access to a desktop/laptop computer to take breaks and managers to monitor employee break activity. 
We hope that this feature will help you and your employees manage all time clock activities without device and location constraints. As usual feel free to add your comments below, send us email to or tweet us @Humanity if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions.

Happy Scheduling!