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Automated Scheduling Software

If someone drops a shift, Humanity lets you know immediately. The app also lets you know which of your employees are available and qualified to fill the shift.

Increase Transparency

Give your entire staff clear insights into the workings of the company. Improve communication and keep team members happy through Humanity.

Fast and Easy Setup

It takes only a couple minutes to set up your Humanity account and start managing your team. It’s easy to understand, even if you’ve never worked with similar apps before.

Find Replacements Fast

There’s no need to scramble to find replacements for unfilled shifts. Humanity displays all of your team members according to the position that you need to fill and let’s you know who is available to cover.

Improve Channels of Communication

When you team communicates better, it is more productive. Humanity makes it easy to keep your entire staff updated and in the loop.

Increase Transparency

Give your entire staff clear insights into the workings of the company. Improve communication and keep team members happy through Humanity.

Easily Locate Replacement Workers

Not only does Humanity recommend you team members who can fill empty shifts, it also allows qualified team members to request to fill open shifts directly.

Improve Communication

Increase company transparency through better communication with your team members. Keep everyone on the same page to avoid scheduling confusion and boost team morale through simple and effective online communication.

From Hire to Retire

"Humanity makes your life easier, your employees happier, and your financials cleaner. We value it as an essential tool of our business!"

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Automated Scheduling Software: The Simplest Way To Schedule Staff Members

Businesses are growing bigger and bigger nowadays. It is quite a task to manage employees in these growing organizations. The process of scheduling staff is a very tedious and time-consuming one. Staff scheduling software has changed the entire system of managing employees. This software sure offers a lot of advantages.

It helps in Saving Time

Online employee scheduling software helps in saving the time of the shift manager. It works according to the business’s rules. It automatically assigns shifts to the employees just with a click of a button. Earlier, the shift manager used to spend hours in assigning shifts, whereas now this chore can be easily done in some seconds. The manager can utilize the time in more productive matters. The software comes with an employee scheduling template which saves the manager’s time that used to get wasted earlier in designing the template.

It helps in Reducing Costs

The software helps in reducing costs by increasing staff utilization, improving the customer’s experiences, and identifying the skill set of the employees. It ensures the maximum utilization of the staff. It also helps in increasing the profits of the company.

It Helps in Making Customizable Staffing Schedule

The software helps in designing customizable staffing schedules. It also has an advanced scheduling option. This option helps in managing thousands of staff members according to their seniority, work allotted, and their skill set.

It Assures Easy Accessibility

You can access the staff scheduling software from anywhere. You just need to have a computer with internet connectivity. You can easily check the shifts and reports from home, while being on the road, and also while attending meetings.

It Makes the Employees Happy

Employees are happy since they can choose shifts according to their needs and requirements. They can also apply for leaves with the help of this software. The program also keeps a tab on employees who are working hard by spending extra hours in the office. It works according to the work preferences of the employees. It also reminds the employees about their shift timings by sending a text message or a mail a few hours before their shift starts.

Online employee scheduling software also provides the facility of due date tracking, daily reporting, and staff tracking. You should select a software program that offers you the maximum features needed to get your work done satisfactorily. And it would of course be great if you can get such software at a reasonable price.

Online employee scheduling software packages are some of the most efficient and user-friendly schedule programs available. Online scheduling software comes with zero installation time, offering powerful personnel management resources at the click of a mouse.

How to Put Together an Employee Work Schedule

Putting together a successful employee template involves taking several different factors into consideration. These include:

A detailed employee availability track list – this includes the total number of working hours previously agreed upon between the owner and each employee; shifts preferences; and requests for holidays and time-offs, to name just the basics.

Past schedules – an analysis of past schedules, where they succeeded and where they failed as well as efficiency levels and amount of overtime payments generated is essential for refining and polishing current and future work schedules.

Peak sales periods – to come up with an employee schedule that works, it is essential that owners and managers are able to identify their business’ busiest hours, as well as the slow times. This needs to be worked into the schedule so that employees are deployed in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

Why Choose Employee Automated scheduling software?

Many small business owners do not have any formal training in personnel management techniques. Many have to shoulder the full responsibility for putting together a work schedule for multiple staff members. Coming up with an fair and efficient work schedule week after week is an almost impossible task for a single person, and owners often end up facing scheduling muddles and wasted income in the form of unnecessary overtime payments.

Even if the owner or manager is able to come up with a schedule that effectively takes all factors into consideration, it can still be thrown out of loop by an unexpected event, like an employee falling ill or suddenly quitting their job.

A personnel scheduling software not only puts together the most efficient work schedule for every business, but also allows managers to tweak the existing work schedules to take into account unexpected changes in employee availability.

Employee scheduling software helps businesses save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month. The packages are particularly useful for small and medium sized businesses, where a single proprietor or a small group of owners oversee a combination of fulltime and/or part-time employees.

If you have decided to introduce employee automated scheduling software, it would indeed be a constructive move. Considering that employee management and maximization of manpower productivity has emerged as key determinants of business success, it would be essential to adopt tools like scheduling software that helps in achieving the same. Some of the key benefits that lie in store once you resort to an employee schedule template have been discussed below.

Employee Automated scheduling software – Some Prominent Advantages

Some key advantages would include:

Financial benefits – Several organizations would pay their employees on the basis of working hours. This ends up tempting employees to work overtime. When you have a scheduling system in place, impeccable planning would ensure that there isn’t any requirement for overtime services. Therefore, extra charges levied for overtime work would be completely done away with!

Time Management Benefits – Those who do it will know that making employee schedules with project completion dates in mind could end up being a Herculean task that needs loads of time. When you have software to handle all this, it becomes easier to manage schedules. Besides, the time saved here can now be utilized for more fruitful purposes.

Benefits of Task Simplification – When you have software to schedule work for employees, the entire process becomes completely simple for you to execute. So, you can make major as well as minor changes in schedules merely by simple clicks. Also, there is no need to worry about informing workers in the last minute. The complete coordination is carried out by the software itself.

Benefits of Reduced Mishaps – A comprehensive scheduling process ensures that the none of the workers are over worked or stressed beyond repair. Equal distribution is achieved impeccably. When workers get ample time to relax and rejuvenate, work related hazards and accidents are effectively minimized. Besides, working with fresh minds also improves upon their productivity which might directly translate into heftier profit margins.

Stress Relieving Benefits – When the employee automated scheduling software performs its duties impeccably, you as an employer would be relieved of all forms of stress. There would be no need to worry about work delegation and tackle employee work related issues that can often become pretty complicated.

Most of these benefits however, are subject to the fact that the scheduling software you have chosen is indeed an ideal one for your business. Make sure you assess the options well, before choosing scheduling software for your business enterprise.

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