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In addition to staff scheduling, Humanity offers features that include timeclock, vacation management, advanced reporting, messaging, and training.

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Why Use Humanity Employee Scheduling Software?

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Automated Employee Scheduling Software

Automated Employee
Scheduling Software

Humanity has powerful scheduling automation features that allow you to repeat shift schedules automatically. This saves you time by eliminating the need to create a new schedule from scratch every week or month.

Automated Employee Scheduling Software

Let Employees
Set Availability

Work in cooperation with your staff to get a better feel for their shift preferences. Employees can set their own availability, allowing you to schedule your team more effectively according to what works best for them.

Let Employees Trade Shifts

Let Employees
Trade Shifts

Give your team a greater level of autonomy by letting them request shift trades on their own. Dramatically cut the time you need to spend on scheduling by making your team more proactive in the process.

Manage Employee Behavior

Manage Employee

Follow and track trends in your employees’ work behavior. Always have a clear picture of who is trading shifts, missing shifts, or working overtime.

Quickly Find Replacements for Unfilled or Missed Shifts

Quickly Find Replacements for Unfilled or Missed Shifts

There’s no need to scramble to find replacements for unfilled or missed shifts. Humanity displays all of your team members according to the position that you need to fill and lets you know who is available to cover.

Spend Less Time Scheduling Employees

Spend Less Time Scheduling Employees

Humanity’s intuitive and easy-to-use employee scheduling algorithm significantly cuts down the time it takes you to plan your team’s working hours. Spend less time scheduling and focus on more important tasks.

Incredibly Easy-to-Use Employee Scheduling Software

Incredibly Easy-to-Use Employee Scheduling Software

Whether you’re dragging an employee onto a shift or moving a shift to a new date, everything in Humanity is visual and interactive, which means you’ll spend less time managing the schedule and more time on your business.

No More Late Arrivals and Missed Shifts

No More Late Arrivals and
Missed Shifts

Eliminate schedule-related attendance excuses. 24/7 access to schedules and shift changes combined with SMS and email reminders give employees less chance to misread or forget shifts.

Make Schedule Always Accessible, to Everyone

Make Schedule Always
Accessible, to Everyone

Keep up-to-date even on the go with Humanity’s employee scheduling apps – with support for all major devices including iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry smartphones, and Android tablets and smartphones.

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Customizable for Your Industry

Whether you run a restaurant, retail shop, healthcare service, nonprofit, call center, or any other business that relies heavily on hourly staff, Humanity can be customized to suit your needs.

Robust Staff Scheduling Software for SMBs and Enterprises

From mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 enterprises, our employee scheduling software is customizable to fit your business size.

Integrate with Your Workforce Management Platform

Our employee scheduling software can integrate seamlessly with many of your favorite business applications, and our list of integration partners is constantly growing.

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Mobile Employee Scheduling Apps

Native iOS and Android mobile employee scheduling apps allow you to manage your staff and create or edit work schedules from anywhere.

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