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Business Overview

“Samahan” is a Tagalog word which means working together. It was founded in 1973 by a group of doctors and other health professionals as well as community leaders to assist ailing Filipino elders access healthcare. A small barber shop in downtown San Diego became Operation Samahan’s hub of health screening as well as informal health education gatherings. As the number grew and more Filipinos and other underserved ethnic groups accessed its services, Operation Samahan was officially incorporated in 1973 into a 501 © 3, non-profit freestanding private community clinic.

More than thirty years later, what started as a community project initiated by Filipino community volunteers turned into a multi-service family health and multi-service center serving low-income families and individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds—Latinos, Filipino, Laotians, Asian and Pacific Islanders, African-American, Caucasians and refugees from the Middle East and other countries.

Tday, Operation Samahan serves over 20,000 patients and provides 45,000 patient visits a year in three sites. Its geographic locations differ in environmental as well as socio-economic climates. The clinic has effectively managed such differences by tailoring their services to fit the special needs and priorities of these two highly diverse communities, both of which are situated in high-need and underserved areas.

Scheduling Overview

When Operation Samahan first started there were no employees, just volunteer health professionals. Now we have approximately 100 employees.

Our old system for scheduling was not functional for many departmental scheduling needs. Previously we would do a rough schedule in our payroll and scheduling system and manually create weekly employee schedule to distribute to staff. Time off requests and finding shift coverage for sick calls and last minute scheduling changes was all done via phone and email making communication tough. Part-time and college aged staff had very erratic schedules making assignments of shifts tough.


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Church & Volunteer
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Previous Scheduling Method

Everything is done online and instantly updated for all staff via, cell phones and email. Volunteer schedules and timesheets are integrated into employees making coordination smoother. Staff can view ALL staff schedules instantly making collaborative work easier.

Since Humanity

By using this work schedule maker all users can view their schedule easier from anything connected to the internet, making it easier to confirm and verify the schedule and thus less no shows or late calls.

I would recommend work schedule maker Humanity and they have the most responsive support staff. They are open to user feedback and actually encourage this collaborative approach to enhancing the software.

..easier and more efficient. – Brian Hayes – Youth 2 Youth Center

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