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Much more than scheduling. Humanity simplifies every facet of your employee management process.

Employee Schedule Maker

Speed up your scheduling process by up to 80 percent.

Create error-free, dynamic schedules and inform employees of their upcoming shifts automatically.

Build flexible schedules by locations, departments, positions and skills with real-time conflict checking.

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Time Clock

Put an end to absenteeism, buddy clocking and tardiness.

Track staff clock times from any location and on any device.

Ensure more accurate time clock data through manager approvals, GPS tracking, facial recognition and biometric stations.

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Never worry about being over or understaffed again.

Manage staff availability, vacation and leave requests better by giving employees more independence in the process.

Easily find available workers to cover last-minute absences and fill open shifts with ease.

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Create advanced, data-driven staff schedules.

Integrate point of sale metrics and other key business data to create dynamic, data-infused work shifts.

Forecast and visualize your staffing needs to maximize your workforce and improve your bottom line.

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Streamline and improve your finances and budgeting.

Consolidate and transmit your time clock and labor cost data to your payroll provider.

Track hours, overtime and expenses across all of your locations, positions and cost centers.

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Why use outside chat tools for communication when you don’t have to?

Centralize all staff communication to increase productivity and keep employees in the loop.

Post company-wide announcements and chat with coworkers in real time from anywhere, anytime.

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Transition new staff into your company effortlessly.

Create training programs, assignments and tests to onboard staff and facilitate career development.

Track staff progress in completing their assignments.

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Quantify KPIs to better measure your performance.

Export, archive and analyze up-to-the-minute shift, time and attendance, vacation and payroll data.

Easily create custom reports to fit your exact business needs.

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