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Humanity is the leading enterprise shift scheduling solution that is Workday Approved. And your organization has been specially selected to earn referral fees! The program is simple: refer business to Humanity, and earn a referral! (Told you it was simple.)

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Workday Approved shift scheduling software


The partnership between Workday and Humanity provides us with a fully-integrated solution that requires no double entry on employee data, giving us a simple process for onboarding employees in addition to providing real-time insight into schedules for easy updates and modifications.

– Dasha Stupak, Director of Human Resources, Pet Valu

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Learn more about Workday + Humanity integration

Syncing all employee details from Workday to Humanity makes it easier and faster for your prospects to create and distribute accurate work schedules to the entire staff, but also manage and compile employee time and attendance data.

Why your prospects will love Workday + Humanity


Mobile-first, cloud-based solution

Employees can view and update scheduling information from the mobile or the web app, wherever they are.


No more double-data entry

Eliminate unnecessary data import and keep critical employee information in a single system of record.


Two-way data integration

Workday + Humanity integration syncs employee data, time off data, leave of absence data, and schedule data.


Custom-made staff schedules

Managers can assign shifts based on employees’ availability, employment status, skills, and much more.


Fast implementation with full support

Humanity’s Customer Success representative will assist in making sure the implementation runs smoothly.


Demand-based employee schedules

Prospects are enabled to build data-driven schedules based on their forecasts and business demand drivers.

How Humanity can help you close deals


Valuable resources based on your prospects’ needs

Our team can provide you with data sheets, ebooks, studies, and other relevant content to help you win over prospects with actionable data.

Leverage and customize ready-made sales decks

With Humanity’s sales decks, you can tailor the offer to bring the biggest value to your prospects, with all vital information right at hand.

Knowledge and experience sharing with sales experts

Every pitch is different, so we’re here to share the tips and tricks that helped us land 10,000 organizations in 175,000 locations worldwide.