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“With a winning positive attitude, and a great framework that is constantly being updated with new features, Humanity is definitely the ultimate shift scheduling software available. It is completely in-valuable to our business and operation.”

– Taryn Wa – Savoury Chef –

Business Overview

The current West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation was formed in 1995 by three local government councils following an amalgamation of councils in Victoria. Prior to that a public library service was provided by an earlier entity called the West Gippsland Regional Library Service.

Scheduling Overview

When we started we had 12 employees and now we have 68. Our scheduling challenges are finding relievers quickly and with as little time involved as possible.

Previous Scheduling Method

Our previous employee scheduling method was Excel & Docushare.

Since Humanity

We would recommend the work scheduler Humanity and we found their team to be helpful and responsive.

Being located in regional Victoria, Australia we find that modern browser demand can be an issue for some of our staff and the technology that they have at home. Also broadband and smart phone uptake is not universal.

Helpful and responsive.- Clive Oatley – Branch Manager – Foster & South Coast Mobile

Buzz From around the web

“We like that Humanity doesn't keep your data behind its walled garden.”

- mashable.com

“With this tool, you can literally run tens of employees with ease.”

- makeuseof.com

“It is an intuitive product, with a nice range of features.”

- killerstartups.com
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