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Business Overview

West County Landscaping is a well-established landscape provider specializing in landscape installation and maintenance serving the St. Louis County area. The business sells landscape materials and services to both residential and commercial property decision makers.

We operate three major divisions. The Maintenance Division is based around lawn & landscape maintenance scheduled on a weekly basis, which is offered with extreme care for the client’s property. The Installation Division is based around providing all aspects of landscape installation from conception and design to finishing touches. Additional maintenance services are sold to these clients to ensure the lasting beauty of their investment. The third division is Retail Sales. This is the youngest division offering walk-in landscape design services and a landscape material show room. Limited material is onsite with most materials delivered directly by our providers.

West County Landscaping was established in 1996, by the current president, Scott Marquart, landscape industry professional with vast experience. Currently, the business operates out of a central office and uses the labor of trained crews to serve clients. Initially, the business started with 2 employees and has now grown to include 11 employees. In the beginning years, Mr. Marquart not only handled all lawn maintenance and landscaping field work, but he also managed the office. Today, the business has sufficiently grown to employee an office manager, an office administrative assistant, 3 crew leaders, and members for each operating crew.

Scheduling Overview

Now that the business is operating with 11 employees serving on 3 separate crews we have found that scheduling has become very difficult. Our employees work long hours each day and trying to keep track of how many hours each employee has each week to avoid overtime can be tough. We also find it difficult to keep track of requested time off. Also, being in the landscape business, scheduling is weather dependent which can lead to difficulty trying to communicate a daily schedule to our employees in regards to start times and delays in shifts.




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Previous Scheduling Method

Prior to using this employee schedule maker, we were simply using paper and pencil to schedule crews on a daily basis. We posted a calendar in our central office and employees would write on the calendar days requested for time-off. The evening prior to, or early the morning of, employees were called to let them know the day’s schedule.

Since Humanity

The employee schedule maker has made our task of scheduling our employees much more efficient. Requests for time-off can be submitted electronically and approved by management. Employees can view their shifts by logging on, eliminating the need to call each employee before the start of a shift. The Company has also found it significantly easier to schedule work 1 to 2 weeks in advance. Employees are much happier with this new employee schedule maker. They no longer have to wait until the last minute to find out whether or not they are scheduled to work the following day. Instead, they can go to one place and view their weekly schedule. It has also eliminated many phone calls of employees calling to request time-off or confirm their scheduled days and hours. This has significantly helped with management allowing the managers to focus their time in other areas of business rather than trying to field 11 calls a day relaying schedule information to employees.

We would definitely recommend Humanity to others who need assistance with scheduling employees!

…much more efficient. – Tiffany Marchbanks – West County Landscaping


The other great advantage of using this employee schedule maker is the ability to share files with our staff. We are now able to post all important Company documents such as Company Policy, Benefits information or something as simple as notes for a job site needed the following day. Everyone has access to these important documents without wasting paper and tracking down employees to be sure everyone has what they need!

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