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Business Overview

We are a nonprofit organization with a mission of assisting people with disabilities of all ages and types. Waterville Valley Adaptive Sports is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities through access and instruction in sports and recreation for life. We encourage freedom and self-reliance through experiential opportunities in a safe and supportive environment with our highly trained staff and volunteers. The program enriches the lives of everyone involved, resulting in profound and lasting impact on individualism, health and well-being. Our primary sport is skiing.

WVAS is a new non-profit that was originally part of a larger organization. We broke away in the summer of 2011 to form our own independent program. Waterville Valley Adaptive Sports (WVAS) was founded in 1992 by Waterville Valley Resort, with financial support from the Waterville Valley Foundation.

Created to serve the needs of the disabled, the program quickly grew in popularity and afforded the thrill of snowsports to individuals who might otherwise have never known the freedom and thrill of gliding down a snow-covered mountain. By the mid-2000s, the program had merged with AbilityPlus, and was the both the template for, and great driver of growth of, other successful adaptive snow sports programs throughout New England.

As successful as AbilityPlus was, many members of the Waterville Valley community felt that something was lost as the program grew. The local community felt left behind and both interest and support began to flag. By the winter of 2010, many key supporters including the Waterville Valley Resort and Waterville Valley Foundation felt that the time had come to “bring the program home”. In August 2011, Waterville Valley Adaptive Sports formally broke away from AbilityPlus. AbilityPlus is a fine organization and we wish them ultimate success in serving the adaptive sports community – but our future lies along a different, more focused path.

Scheduling Overview

We have two part-time employees and over 80 volunteers. The challenge is scheduling over 80 volunteers and aligning them with clients.




Church & Volunteer





Previous Scheduling Method

Prior to the work scheduler Humanity we used a crude paper system.

Since Humanity

The work scheduler has allowed us to manage volunteer schedules more accurately and quickly. I would recommend Humanity and I found the Humanity team helpful.

It’s a time saver. – Marc Bellerose – Waterville Valley Adaptive Sports


We use the Message Wall.

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