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Humanity’s 24/7 scheduling solutions help the Watertown Ambulance provide around-the-clock medical services to its community.

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  • 45 Employees
  • 2 Locations
  • 5-6hrs/per week Hours saved with Humanity
  • Time Clock Favorite Feature

The Town of Watertown Ambulance Service Inc. has a mixed staff of both professionals and volunteers that provide pre-hospital medical care as well as training and education to the citizens of Watertown and surrounding areas.

The Town of Watertown Ambulance Service operates with about 30 paid and 15 volunteer medical assistance providers, ready to respond to the medical needs of the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, they provide support on request for concerts, sporting events, and other social gatherings taking place within the community.

Over the years, the service has grown into one of their county’s leading EMS teams, dedicated to continued growth, education and unquestionable reliability.

BEFORE “Using A Paper Calendar To Create Schedules Cost More Than A Quarter Of Our Manager’s Time.”

The Watertown Ambulance Service was previously scheduling employee hours using pen and paper – doing so for seven years before deciding to try a more modern scheduling approach.

Creating 24/7 schedules on pen and paper was a huge chore, especially considering the frequency of shift trade and swap requests. Obviously, not being certain of who was on call at one time was seen as a huge problem for a medical service of this type, which should be able to offer citizens reliable aid around the clock.

The shift creation and maintenance process at the Watertown Ambulance Service is more complicated than most businesses, considering that they not only have two locations, but also a mix of professional and volunteer employees who all have different skill sets and availability.

Before Humanity, managers started with an old-fashioned paper calendar and then transferred that data into Google Calendar. Obviously, it wasn’t a very efficient solution, considering how much time it took to not only create schedules this way, but also maintain them and make corrections and iterations when necessary each week.

Managers spend nearly a quarter of their work weeks dealing with nothing but scheduling. Understaffing was also a huge issue working this way, which is obviously an issue that emergency medical institutions cannot afford to have.

It was time for a change.

AFTER “Understaffing, a 24/7 medical service’s nightmare, has become a worry of the past.”

When Watertown Ambulance Service Director of Operations Trevor Perry decided that scheduling this way was no longer a viable option and that serious changes needed to be made to the process to make it more efficient and reliable, he started to search for a better solution.

One of the things he liked about Humanity even before getting into the functionalities was that the pricing was easy to understand and calculate.

“You can actually select your pricing plan on the website without having to fill out a form and wait to be contacted,” said Perry.

After implementing Humanity to take care of the team’s scheduling, he now saves five to six hours of week on the process – time that can be used to focus on other aspects of job that can further improve the way in which the ambulance serves its community.

There are number of Humanity features that the Watertown Ambulance Service uses daily and can no longer see themselves without; employees being able to trade shifts independently and managers being able to create open shifts that can be picked up by staff independently, to name a couple.

The fact that everything takes place online and is updated in real time and available to managers and employees from anywhere is something that has transformed the process for them. Humanity’s Time Clock has proven to be especially useful, allowing providers to clock in and out of shifts with ease and providing managers with an easy way to view accurate timesheets for all providers, overtime included.

“The technical support is also brilliant! I’ve bothered them on more than a few occasions using the Live Chat. They answered my questions quickly and fully every time,” Perry said.

“With Humanity, I found exactly what I had been looking for and at a perfect price point,” Perry concluded.


  • Reduced time spent on scheduling by 60%
  • Improved communication
  • Easy to alter and update shifts
  • Clear work schedules always reflected in real time

“With Humanity, I found exactly what I had been looking for and at a perfect price point. The technical support is also brilliant! I've bothered them on more than a few occasions using the Live Chat. They answered my questions quickly and fully every time”

Trevor Perry, EMT-P, Director of Operations

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