From Hire to Retire

Humanity® is the flexible workforce management platform and human resources tool that both you and your employees will love to use.


Perform actions and view all of your key information, KPI’s and more from a dashboard that is customizable to you. The Dashboard is compatible with all Humanity modules and can also host/display widgets from 3rd party applications and data sources. Learn More →

Eliminate conflicts

Schedule with real time availability and rules such as over/under-time.

Proper Coverage

Schedule against your forecast and ensure you’re never over or under-staffed.

Timely Reminders

Customizable reminders via SMS and Email ensure everyone is accountable.

Time Clock

Forget old-fashioned time cards and stamps. Get the most intuitive and accurate solution for streamlining your timesheets with Time Clock. Improve punctuality and attendance by implementing late or absent notifications, remote clock-in for external staff, and facial recognition. Learn More →

Clock on the go

Allow staff to clock from their mobile phones; works with iOS and Android.

Improve Clock Behavior

Encourage punctuality and good clock ethics with customizable rules.

Reminder & Alerts

Know in real-time who is late and be able to act immediately to fill absences.


Streamline time off requests and improve communication for both you and your employees. With customizable leave categories, automated request policies, and full integration with the Calendar app, you’ll always have visibility into who is currently working and who is off. Learn More →

Customizable Types

With custom leave types you can track all leave requests from a single location.


Set up policies once and let your leave run on auto-pilot.


Add/Import company holidays to track alongside leave requests.


Import data from other Humanity apps and third party services or input data manually to create beautiful and easy-to-follow visualizations of your company statistics. Analyze and compare your data points to make your business run more efficiently and effectively. Learn More →

Custom Fields

Encourage punctuality and good clock ethics with customizable rules.

Data Visualization

Import and include a limitless number of custom data types.

Compare and Contrast

Gain further insights by making comparisons between key data points.


Humanity takes the guess work and stress out of payroll data collection and reporting. Providing accurate timesheets on time, every time. Learn More →

Real Time Reporting

Anywhere access and real time availability of current payroll, historical payrolls and change logs.

Plays Nicely With Others

Connect and export timesheets directly to popular 3rd party payroll services.

Take Control of Payroll Settings

Completely customizable, ensuring you meet your payroll deadlines.