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Everything You Need To Better Manage Your Hourly Workforce

Full screen view of Humanity's ShiftPlanning scheduler for creating employee shifts online


Eliminate scheduling conflicts & control overtime.

Full screen view of the Humanity workforce management platform's Time Clock module

Time Clock

Online Time Clock Software accurately tracks employee hours.

Full view of how to export payroll timesheets easily in the cloud with the Humanity platform


Process staff payroll online with the simple click of a button.

Full view of employee list in Humanity for better human resources management in the cloud

Human Resources

Train your staff and manage their vacations and HR documents.

Let Us Walk You Through Our Powerful Features

While we’ve kept things easy-to-use, we haven’t spared on features. Humanity is a robust workforce management application that will allow you to streamline your business processes from the moment an employee is hired, to when they are scheduled, to when they first clock in to work and receive their first paycheck.

Scheduling is now easy

Schedule smarter and faster with our effective & powerful yet easy-to-use scheduling software. Auto-magically create conflict-free schedules, copy shifts, import schedules and more.READ MORE

Time Clock

Our simple online time clock software eliminates the hassle of expensive, stand-alone hardware. Instead, web-based Time Clock terminals let managers control where employees clock in/out from by setting up specific time clock locations.READ MORE


Process staff payroll online with the click of a button. Create perfect time sheets devoid of human error to eliminate over or underpaying staff. Pull reports in real time and print or export them quickly.READ MORE

Human Resources

Centralize your staff training, vacation and HR documentation. Use Humanity to easily train and onboard new staff. Collect, store, file and easily reference all your important HR documents in one place. READ MORE

What is the greatest benefit of using Humanity?

Spend 80% Less Time Scheduling

Create perfect, conflict-free schedules in minutes. Spend less time organizing your staff and more time leading them.

Improve Employee Morale

Give staff members the ability to set their work availability. Allow them to independently request shift trades and time off.

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