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“Humanity has helped us solve various problems including ability for our managers to create a schedule anywhere there is internet.”

Devin Connors – Boston Pizza

Business Overview

The Leonardo currently has about 27 full time employees, 18 part time employees, and 370 volunteers. The volunteers make up the operational workforce of our museum. The Leonardo opened on October 8, 2011. The Leonardo is a contemporary Sci+Tech+Art museum, where today’s big ideas, questions, inventions and discoveries are connected in a whole new way.

Our mission: to inspire creativity and innovation. Our tools: a transdisciplinary fusion of art, science and technology. It’s a museum, but not like any museum you’ve ever visited. It’s an active exploration that shines a light on curiosity and allows your mind to wander. The Leonardo’s unique, interactive approach to engaging visitors — an approach grounded by current experts and inspired by centuries of innovators, including our namesake — quenches curiosities, heightens intrigue and ignites imaginations. It’s an invitation to explore your own personal possibility. Dive into immersive exhibits, real-life labs and community workshops that inspire a sense of wonder about the world. Rub shoulders with working scientists, makers, creators, thinkers, philosophers and artists. Help shape our dynamic exhibits, projects and cooperative creations. You are more than a reader or watcher or listener. You are a thinker. You are a creator. You are the greatest mind of your generation. You’re more than an observer; you’re a collaborator. In fact, you may be the next Leonardo. And, well? That’s really, really cool.

Scheduling Overview

We have a wonderful pool of volunteers but struggle because of the quantity of them AND because of their unique schedule requests. The work scheduler Humanity really has brought some relief to this process.



Church & Volunteer





Previous Scheduling Method

Our previous employee scheduling system was with Microsoft Excel. It was literally a joke scheduling using Excel. Humanity is a life saver!

Since Humanity

It has reduced the amount of time it takes to do the schedule and allows my organization to have a bird’s eye view of who’s working, where their working and for how long they are working. I would most definitely recommend the work scheduler Humanity as I already have! The Humanity team has been very kind, VERY personal and I’ve been incredibly impressed.

It is great! – Mike Aguilar – Visitor Services Manager – The Leonardo

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“We like that Humanity doesn't keep your data behind its walled garden.”


“With this tool, you can literally run tens of employees with ease.”


“It is an intuitive product, with a nice range of features.”

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