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Business Overview

The Central Museum is the oldest municipal museum in the Netherlands. In 1830 it started in four rooms on the top floor of the Utrecht town hall. The city archivist was the manager of the collection, which initially consisted mainly of archaeological objects. On 5 September 1838 the museum was officially opened to the public. Visitors could go on Wednesday for a quarter. The ‘catalog’ in those days was distributed, was entitled: “Collection of Old Image Work and other antiquities, Drawings and Paintings, most relating to the City of Utrecht. Driving force behind the” Museum of Antiquities “was mayor HMAJ Van Asch van Wijck (1774 -1843)..

Scheduling Overview

The Centraal Museum rents out various special areas and it is now possible to get married in the chapel of the Central Museum. We as department ‘catering and events’, are responsible for the rental of the rooms and the restaurant of the museum. For scheduling our staff we work with shift planning. We now work with a team of 15 employees. Because we depend on the planned events, we offer our staff no fixed days. It’s always a challenge to get enough people to plan.



Church & Volunteer





Previous Scheduling Method

Before using the work scheduler Humanity we mailed our staff the available days. We had an Excel document with the working schedule.

Since Humanity

Now we work with this work scheduler and it has made scheduling people become much easier and clearer. Especially to get an overview of who is available to work. It also saves a lot of work, because we previously had much work by filling in all the employees on the working days on the Excel document. Now the shifts can scheduled with one touch with the Accept button.

…easier and clearer. – Raquelle van Doorn – The Central Museum

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