Explore Powerful Employee Scheduling Features

Rule Based Scheduling

Powerful schedule builder with a custom rules engine. Easily schedule your next month and cut overtime costs.

Simple Interface

Intuitive drag & drop interface. Our in-app guides and support team are there for you if you get stuck.

Upcoming Shift Notifications

Upcoming shift notifications delivered instantly to your employees’ phones. No more excuses for missing a shift.

Shift Trading & Open Shifts

Built-in shift trading and open shifts systems you can fully customize to your business processes and policies.

Employee Availability

Employees can set their future availability. You’ll always know who’s available when looking to fill empty shifts.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking with easy exports to the payroll systems you use. Easily calculate working hours.

Over 7,500 companies have implemented Humanity’s employee scheduling software

145,000 employees in 40,000 different locations are using it daily to trade shifts, clock in and get upcoming shift notifications right from their phones. See what some of them have to say:

Humanity is Highly Customizable

Our expert setup team can help you customize Humanity to fit your business’s needs whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees.

Multiple Business Locations

Even companies with multiple branches and offices can easily set up and use Humanity to schedule multiple locations with one account.

Remote Sites

Easily schedule and keep track of employees who work remotely. Perfect for businesses with traveling staff that offer on site services.

Child Accounts

If you’d rather divide your account into separate child accounts to better manage your multiple locations, that’s possible as well.

Integrates with Popular HR Systems

Humanity already integrates with world-class HR solutions that many businesses are already using to manage their staff.

Custom User Roles and Permissions

Setup custom roles and permissions to personalize your account and establishing a hierarchy in the scheduling and management process.

Custom Staff Skills and Certifications

Know which employees are qualified to perform which tasks and schedule appropriately. Easily keep track of staff certifications and quailifications.

Simple Integration with Your Current Toolstack

Our robust API and built-in integrations let you integrate employee scheduling with all your current business systems.

And 20+ Payroll Exports

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Employee Scheduling Software for Your Industry

Whether you run a restaurant, retail shop, healthcare service, nonprofit, call center or any other business that relies heavily on hourly staff, Humanity is for you.

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