Square - Humanity

A Singular Solution for All Your Business Needs

Humanity's all-encompassing workforce management platform provides you with every tool you need to manage your business effectively by combining its already robust feature set with a multitude of third-party integration capabilities.

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Employee Scheduling Software


Eliminate scheduling conflicts and manage overtime.

Time Clock

Accurately track employee


Process staff payroll online with the click of a button.

Human Resources

Centralize your staff training, vacation and HR documentation.

Square and Humanity have teamed up to offer special pricing plans for Square customers interested in trying Humanity.

Employee Scheduling & Leave Management
Publish a schedule online and send to your employees via SMS, email, and mobile app
Save and copy schedules to templates
View schedule by week or day, employee or role
Manage shift-trades
Manage staff availability availability and time-off requests
API connectivity to square register sales data to see when under/over scheduled based on sales with manual adjustments
Auto Schedule - System automates your schedule and resolves all employee conflicts to optimize your labor costs based on Square KPI metrics
Time Clock
Set up a time clock in any browser , tablet, mobile device
Automatically total hours and overtime
Automatically identify errors, including missed clock-outs
Track paid & unpaid breaks
Easily export data for payroll
Support multiple wage/rate cards per employee
Securely store timesheets forever
Time clock rules for rounding and early/late clock in behaviors
Set Custom Overtime/Days in Chain Overtime rules
Mobile push notifications
SMS shift reminders for employees
Set custom overtime rules and alerts
Securely store timesheets forever
Staff Communcation
Secure employee to employee,manager to employee messaging platform
Send broadcast message to your team from the web
Message employees through the desktop or smart phone app
Acces to full reporting suite
Company dashboard
Multi-location support
Company-level timesheets
Multiple-location overtime tracking
Company-level dashboard
Custom Features
Prior period payroll adjustments
Custom break and Holiday rules
Integration with up to 2 additional 3rd party software companies (API to API, excluding Square)
Integration with > 2 additional 3rd party software companies (API to API, excluding Square)

What You Get

Here's how merging the powers of Square and Humanity can help you run your business better.

Better HR Management

Easily sync all your Square employees, locations and positions to create beautifully accurate work schedules for your entire team in Humanity.

Better Business Decisions

Coming Soon: Integrate your business data from Square with Humanity's forecasting features to optimize the way you manage your team. Forecast needs to always have the right number of employees working at the right time.

Better Attendance Tracking

Sync both time clocks to immediately expand your time tracking options with Humanity's robust time and attendance feature set. Keep timesheets synced in real time.

Gold 2017 Top Ten Reviews

"Humanity combines all the best tools and capabilities of employee scheduling software, making an ideal product for your business... cutting-edge online features and ideal scheduling capabilities."