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Business Overview

During a hot July in 1938, fire struck the Moyer Lumber Yard at Old York and Davisville Roads in Willow Grove. Hot, tired firemen were in need of refreshments; however, the Second Alarmers of Philadelphia were unable to respond to the call. Several members of the Willow Grove Fire Company #1 decided that since the Second Alarmers of Philadelphia were unable to assist them, they would start their own organization, patterned after the Philadelphia group. This group, however, would be able to respond to wherever they were called. On February 22, 1938, a meeting was held to form this organization. As stated in the minutes of that meeting, “The purpose…was to form an association to serve coffee, lime water, seltzer, etc. to fireman and police and rescue workers.” On a motion by Walter Blair the name of this association would be the Second Alarmers Association of Montgomery County, Willow Grove, PA.

As part of the Montgomery County EMS Strike Team, SARS has committed to be available anywhere we are called for a disaster with just a few hours notice. Our deployment in 2008 to Louisiana in the wake of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike recalls SARS members responding to Jackson, Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Camille in 1969. Carrying on our tradition, Second Alarmers Association and Rescue Squad answered the call.

Scheduling Overview

We currently have 77 volunteers (employees) that we use the work schedule maker Humanity to manage. Scheduling volunteers has many unique challenges. Our volunteers volunteer at five different stations and all lead busy lives. Our prior scheduling system was not equipped to deal with this. Our schedules need to be able to be easily changed and flexible as our volunteers often have family, work or personal situations that require changes to the schedule. Also as this is not our primary job a reminder is sometimes necessary (the reminder feature has been widely praised by our “employees”).



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Previous Scheduling Method

Our old work scheduler was a pencil and paper calendar that sometimes got put into Excel.

Since Humanity

Scheduling is becoming more streamlined and less of a hassle. I have recommended Humanity to several others and will continue to recommend it.

The Humanity team is resourceful and eager to help when we encounter challenges. They provide high quality customer service. David Tepper – Second Alarmers Association and Rescue Squad of Montgomery County


We have been investigating the time clock function for all our volunteers and will be going “live” with it on January 1. Presently our volunteers sign in on a clipboard and someone has to enter and add up all the time. This will streamline a time consuming and cumbersome process and hopefully reduce mistakes.

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