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The right talent scheduled for the right shift, at the right time.


Shift-based employees need to know where to be and when. They need to trade shifts. They need to request days off. And they need to do it all in real-time.

Trading shifts is one of the biggest cross-industry issues. It takes supervisors offline and hurts customer service.


Managers need an intuitive way to schedule employees and advise them of changes in real-time, and senior leaders need to keep an eye on labor costs and compliance risks.

Ever try to use Excel for scheduling? That’s just a high-tech bulletin board in the breakroom. Zero real-time value.


With Humanity, you’ll always have the right staff member—with the right skills and certifications —scheduled at the right time and at the right location.

Need to ensure you have the employee with the right certification on-shift? Humanity makes that easy.


Use Humanity anywhere, anytime.

Features available on all devices, keeping you in the loop. No exceptions.


HCM Platform Integration

Humanity seamlessly integrates with an ever-growing list of industry-leading platforms ensuring your enterprise has the best in HCM and scheduling.

Reports & Analytics

Correlate and analyze up-to-the-minute reports based on shift, time and attendance, budgeting, payroll data and more.

Payroll Sync

Effortlessly export accurate payroll reports with just one click, and based on your error-free Humanity staff schedule.

Leave Management

Allow employees to independently request time off from their mobile device, ensuring that you’re only scheduling available staff members.

Shift Scheduling

Automatically generate conflict-free schedules based on skills, employee availability, compliance, sales forecasts and trends, and more.

GPS Time Clock

Know who's working and when. Easy tracking and analysis of employee attendence and one-click export of perfect timesheets ready for payroll.

Real-Time Messaging

From company-wide announcements to one-to-one staff messaging. Humanity's simple, secure messaging system keeps teams connected.

Mobile Shift Trade

Employees can communicate and trade shifts right from their mobile device, without the need for supervisor interaction or involvement..

The Humanity Employee Scheduling Platform

Humanity simplifies day-to-day employee management processes. With Humanity, your organization can easily and accurately create error-free, dynamic schedules for your staff by location, department, position, and/or skills—with real-time availability conflict checking.

Demand-Driven Scheduling

Level up from copy-paste schedules to data-driven staffing.

  • Manage peak and lull periods with flexible staffing rules
  • Review staffing needs as you build your schedule
  • Integrate staffing data into an automated scheduling process


Customizable rules and instant conflict warnings make compliance simple, even as labor laws change.

  • Custom rules engine ensures schedules are always compliant with federal, state and local regulations
  • Ensure laws are followed: hours worked, break frequency, time between shifts, and more


Automatically fill schedules by matching the correct person with the correct shift and time slots.

  • Optimize schedules by assigning shifts based on custom variables like seniority and preferences

Mobile Shift Management

Empower employees to manage their schedule from the palm of their hand.

  • Employees can request time off, release shifts, pick up open shifts, adjust their availability, and view the latest schedule from any mobile device
  • Staff can trade shifts—based on predefined rules—with minimal supervisor involvement

Flex Scheduling

Fill open shifts and reduce the impact of understaffing.

  • Instantly respond to real-time changes in business circumstances
  • Managers are empowered to post open shifts, release shifts for pickup, or quickly find a replacement for an absence

Time Clock

Accurately track employee attendance and eliminate buddy punching

  • Easily track employee hours and attendance, and then export perfect timesheets ready for payroll
  • Ensure more accurate time clock data through manager approvals and GPS/location-based clock-in


Integrate industry-leading HCM platforms with Humanity

  • Robust scheduling, tied-in with your HCM solution
  • Tight, two-way integration ensures no employee data falls through the cracks
  • The HCM remains the single source of truth

Humanity Scheduling + TimeClock Plus

Power Up Employee Scheduling with Robust Time Tracking

  • Add robust time tracking capabilities to your existing Humanity Scheduling platform including access to award-winning time clock devices.
  • Improve your scheduling system with additional workforce management features such as leave management, reporting and payroll integrations.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry with a bi-directional software integration that automatically syncs data between the two platforms every 5 minutes.

For the Small-to-Medium-sized Business

Humanity simplifies every facet of your employee management process. Easily manage your staff schedule, view and act on real-time labor costs and absentee reports, and much more. And we’re in the cloud; nothing for your IT department to install or manage.

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Scheduling for the Enterprise

Whether you’re using Workday, ADP or another HCM platform, you can integrate Humanity’s best-of-breed employee shift scheduling into your day-to-day operations. Our open API and seamless integration make it simple.

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“Humanity is so efficient and convenient. I can manage all my [store] locations from literally anywhere.”

—Troy Pugeda, Operations Manager, Safeway