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Online Leave Management System

If you already own a company or if you are just about to start up a business at some point you will most likely need to hire temporary or permanent employees. Once you have employees on your payroll you would need to ensure their work schedule and absence are managed effectively so that your business runs as efficiently as possible.

Your employees will need time off, whether for holiday or sickness and sometimes they may even work overtime. It is important that you keep accurate records of these events as well as their entitlement and allowances.

If your intention is to do all this manually you have to be prepared to spend a bit of time to set up the process, update your records and produce some sort of report to help you track and understand what is going on. Failure to manage your employee’s leave and absence appropriately may lead to unnecessary time delays and potential expenditure for temp cover or even loss of business.

When your company expands this task will become even more time consuming which means the importance of having the right system to help you manage leave, absence and overtime becomes even higher over time. You may be thinking that hiring somebody to look after this resolves the problem however beware that maintaining absence and overtime information manually may seem the easy option to begin with but it can easily lead to mistakes in calculations and subsequently wrong pay slips and compensation or entitlement errors.

To make a step in the right direction you can try using and experience the great benefits of our online leave management system. It is fast and powerful and provides the benefits of accurate leave allowance and entitlement calculation as well as overtime and absence management.

Use of Leave Management System in businesses has gained momentum with the advancement of technology & the increasing need to preserve staff welfare without affecting the business operations.

Leave Management System streamlines & simplifies the leave approval/decline process & effectively track staff leaves. This is important for payroll calculations & to maintain optimum staff resources for carrying out the regular tasks.

A large company with hundreds of employees may find it challenging to manage the leave of its workers if there is no efficient leave management procedure or system. Modern technologies today allow excellent online leave management software to be designed and customized to fit the precise needs of different businesses in the market.

Online leave management software is an effective tool in monitoring the work hours or days of an employee. A well designed software application would have relevant features such as time scalability and attendance monitoring to record the contributions of an employee. The time scalability feature allows the software to be upgraded as the company grows in its operations with more employees added to its payroll list.

Important considerations

An online leave management system uses the best of software to track the work time and leave days on every employee accurately. It must be a simple and safe software application that is readily available for all employees to access online at anytime. Field workers would find such systems useful when they want to apply for time off without having to run back to the office to fill in the necessary tedious leave application forms if the system offers an online e-form option.

The leave recording and tracking software needs to be dynamic and versatile in handling current and future expectations for the company to accommodate changes in objectives and goals. Time and attendance recording features of a company may change according to policy changes and business objectives. Different types of reporting may be desired to enhance the modus operandi of the company to lower overtime costs and spike up productivity levels. Optimal productivity on every employee is a strong desirable with an excellent online leave management software application.

Leave Management System may be the software installed in your office PC/laptop or a cloud based system. The latter has the advantage of being accessible from anywhere & at anytime; internet & working PC/laptop/or other appropriate device being the only requirement.Unlike completing a manual form, the online form has the option of pre-populating certain personal data & choosing leave types from drop down menus, effectively reducing the time spent on making the leave application. Once submitted online, it is automatically sent to the appropriate authority for approval. No risk of being sent to the wrong approver as in the case of paper forms. The approver can approve, decline or question the leave request & the requester will be updated through various notifications on the status.

Users are immediately alerted when leave requests are made for declared public holidays or for a day when timesheet has been submitted, when another staff EUR(TM)s leave on that day has been already approved, when they apply for a leave type that has already been completely utilized or ineligible for etc. These alerts & notifications reduce to and fro communications between the requestor & approver.

Many businesses follow first come first serve basis for vacation leave approvals. Hence as the leave requests are being recorded electronically with time & date, there is no occasion for unfair treatment. Transparency in leave approval process is increased & reduces staff grievances.

Online Leave Management System has straightforward & easy to use interface which empowers snappy coordination to the day by day business operations. The plain as day fields & straightforward online preparing manuals prepare the clients to promptly utilize it effortlessly.

With the appearance of Leave Management System, the huge exertions taken in overseeing & following staff leave, particularly businesses with expansive staff numbers, has been effectively improved & stimulated. This has liberated numerous HR experts from the ordinary assignments of accepting, sorting out, sending leave structures & redesigning leave records; rather they can now invest their time in creating the abilities inside the association.

Our online leave system automatically tracks and manages employee schedules and absence, while also ensuring the correct approval process by sending leave requests and absence notifications to the right supervisor for approval. Approvals are as easy as clicking a link in your mail box and there’s a set of notifications to keep you informed of what’s going on. Our system also keeps track of all records of leave, absence and overtime providing useful insights into employees’ leave and absence patterns.

You can try our leave system for free and see how it adds value to your business at a minimal cost and with no additional overhead.

Here are some common benefits of online leave management system:

  • Reduce staff time spent on requesting and approving leave, absence and overtime.
  • Automatic and timely notifications when leave, absence or overtime is requested or approved
  • High visibility of who took leave and absence and when to ensure relevant employees are aware when somebody is in or out of office.

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