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Full Mobile Access and native smartphone applications

Humanity works with web-enabled smart-phones and our iPhone and Android applications mean we are wherever you are.


Eliminate Schedule-Related Excuses

Say goodbye to late arrivals and other schedule-related attendance excuses. Humanity gives staff and managers access to their schedules anytime, anywhere. Easy-to-use mobile application make the latest schedules and shift changes accessible 24/7.

Automatic Alerts & Reminders

SMS reminders give employees less chance to misread or forget shifts. Automatic shift reminders 60mins & 24hrs prior to work times are available as well as notifications related to shift trades, open shifts & more.

Schedule On A Mobile Device

Humanity’s tablet and mobile applications gives managers full access to the application’s key features allowing for managers to save time while scheduling on the go!

Equip Field Agents

Humanity’s mobile applications allow non-office employees to clock in from the field and schedule specifying field locations. Managers can use GPS tracking to verify clock location.


iPhone App

To learn more about Humanity’s iPhone App please see:

iPad App

Humanity is available for iPad by browsing to:

web app, and our mobile app.


Android devices can use our mobile friendly version of our application by browsing to:
For our Native Android App Click Here.

Mobile Version

Access a mobile version of Humanity from any web enabled mobile device. This means you have access to Humanity from anywhere, at any time.

SMS Notifications

Sms & E-mail Notifications on events such as: shift trades, vacation requests, new messages and upcoming shifts.

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