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Business Overview

Lisbon Emergency, also known as Lisbon EMS, is a privately owned, non-profit volunteer ambulance service located in Lisbon, Maine. The service was founded in 1977, originally as a small group of high school students and teachers who responded without an ambulance. Thirty-five years later, Lisbon Emergency is a group of 32 providers, ranging from Basic Emergency Medical Technicians to Paramedics. Lisbon Emergency currently has two ambulances which are used on alternating days, or if more than one call is received at the same time. The service is staffed 24 hours a day, although due to the availability of local providers, the base itself is not always occupied.

In addition to serving the communities of Lisbon, Lisbon Falls, and Bowdoin, Lisbon Emergency also provides coverage for sporting events, parades, fireworks, races, etc. within Lisbon and the surrounding areas. Lisbon Emergency, along with the town of Lisbon, ME are designated as a heart safe community, meaning that we’ve taken steps to ensure the best possible outcome for cardiac patients, including equipping police units, schools, and public places with AEDs, having a local ambulance service fully stocked and trained to deal with cardiac events, and having a local cardiac hospital nearby.

Lisbon Emergency works closely with the fire department, located conveniently across the street, in cases of motor vehicle accidents, difficult extrications, or when additional personnel are needed for more complicated calls. Lisbon Emergency is also one of the primary backup services for United Ambulance in Lewiston, Maine. The service covers the towns of Lisbon, Lisbon Falls, and Bowdion and provides transportation primarily to St Mary’s Hospital, Central Maine Medical Center, Midcoast Hospital, and Parkview Hospital. Lisbon Emergency is dispatched by the Lisbon Police Dispatch Center, located at the Lisbon Police Station.

Scheduling Overview

Lisbon EMS works in two 12 hour shifts per day (6am – 6pm), with scattered sports games, classes, trainings, and events mixed throughout the day. One of the major challenges we had with scheduling was that many of our staff live a distance away from the base, some as much as two hours away.


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Previous Scheduling Method

Our previous method of scheduling involved having all the staff members email the scheduling officer, who then printed off every e-mail, and wrote in everybody’s availability on a paper calendar, and then created the calendar using Word, which was then emailed out to all of the employees. When individual trainings or games came up, the scheduling officer would e-mail everybody with the dates and times and took the first qualified person that responded. The system had significant flaws including that every email came in to the scheduling officer with a slightly different format, eating up hours of time reading every single one and figuring out availability based on it. Additionally, with the sporting games, it favored those who checked e-mail more often, or knew their availability well in advance. Additionally, the printed schedule was posted at the base, and people would sign up for shifts, or change the schedule on the paper schedule, and those who weren’t working for a period of time would be unaware of the changes.

Since Humanity

This employee schedule maker has made several major improvements to our schedule, first off, by making it accessible to all members at any time, from any location, which minimizes some of the confusion we had with our previous scheduling method. Additionally, it gave the scheduling officer a consistent and accurate method to determine availability. Additionally, it allows us to post sports games, trainings, and teaching opportunities and see who is available for them, and allow employees to sign themselves up for shifts based on their availability. It also allows employees who know their availability months in advance to complete their schedule once and not have to worry about sending in monthly availability be the deadline for schedule submissions. Many employees have also commented that they often use it to see who they are working with, or who they are replacing, now that they can do it from home, or via mobile phone.

My experiences has been excellent with this employee schedule maker. Setting it up took some time, but customer service was very helpful is getting things set up, even when I made the mistake of locking myself out of my own account.

The work schedule maker has saved us so much time and prevented so many headaches! Our volunteers can now pick and manage their schedule to how they want it at the approval of our officers. What was an hour or 2 hour process is now done in 15 to 20 minutes!

…consistent and accurate method… – Larry French, EMT-B – Lisbon Emergency

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