Fully integrated with our powerful scheduling application, Leave allows staff to request time off independently and gives you clear, reliable staff availability insights.

Involve Staff in the Process

Allow employees to independently request time off. Give staff greater autonomy while decreasing your own workload at the same time.

Create Custom Leave Types

Set up as many custom leave types as you need to cover every possible type of absence that’s relevant to your staff and business.

Easily See Who’s Available

Every leave request that has been approved by management automatically appears in your schedule so you always know who’s unavailable.

Offer Partial Days Off

Allow employees to request hourly leaves if they don’t need the entire day off. Provide flexibility to fit the needs of your modern workforce.

Mobile Staff Vacation Management

View and manage staff vacation requests on your smartphone. Allow employees to request time off from anywhere.
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Set Leave Rules

Customize your time-off policies by setting rules. Determine how many vacation days are permitted for each employee, how many days can be taken off at once and much more.

Avoid Being Understaffed

Set custom leave request rules by position or role for the number of employees that can take time off at once. Make sure you always have enough workers and you’re never short-handed.

Provide Transparency

Make it easy for employees to always have an accurate overview of how much time off they have left in order to avoid miscommunication and frustration in the scheduling process.

Facilitate Better Communication

Allow employees to see the status of each leave request they submit. If you reject a leave request, provide a reason for doing so to improve transparency and keep your staff happy.

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