Kuhnsville Car Wash Uses Humanity For Scheduling Staffs

“Humanity has helped us solve various problems including ability for our managers to create a schedule anywhere there is internet.”

Devin Connors – Boston Pizza

Business Overview

The Kuhnsville Car Wash was envisioned and created by John and Carol Kuhns in 1988. They decided to establish a business to service the community which envelops and surrounds Kuhnsville, this town named after the preceding relatives of John Kuhns. Their goal was to construct and develop a “First Class Car Wash” with personable and efficient employees. John and Carol Kuhns worked hard to maintain the car wash’s appearance, update their equipment, improve training for their employees, increase the business volume and upgrade the services available for their customers.

Their dedication to the Kuhnsville Car Wash has resulted in the “Best Car Wash” in town. Customers frequently state how pleased they are with the atmosphere. They have commented on our friendly service. They mention how great their vehicles look after we have carefully cleaned them. We have received letters stating these points and many more. Customers trust that the Kuhnsville Car Wash will do an excellent job in helping them to maintain their vehicles.

Scheduling Overview

We have a challenge by managing a large number of employees day to day with VERY variable availability.




Service Industry Scheduler





Previous Scheduling Method

We used to use pen and paper, employee confirmation through text message with owner and whiteboards.

Since Humanity

It has allowed us to be more efficient and spend less time on work schedule, therefore, we now have more time to focus on the business’s needs. This employee schedule maker has increased the amount of interaction that the kids have with each other. They talk and trade shifts more than when we had a pen and paper message.

Every question…answered and resolved within 24 hours.- Max Paine, Director of Information Technology – Kuhnsville Car Wash


Our message wall serves as the “classifieds” for shift bids and also the status of our Car Wash, if it’s open or closed and when to report if we have a delayed opening due to rain.

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