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“Humanity has helped us solve various problems including ability for our managers to create a schedule anywhere there is internet.”

Devin Connors – Boston Pizza

Business Overview

Since 2009 our company is a food co-operative. We hope to open a cooperative grocery store in 2012. In the meantime, we are building ownership, and running a buying club with our owners. We have to staff the regular food pickups, as well as various events, and meetings that are held by our many committees.

Tell us about the history of your business: we are a food coop starting up, functioning with a buying club. Our “employees” are all co-owners of the food coop, who contribute their work or “sweat equity” for the success of the whole.

Scheduling Overview

We have just over 100 employees and a lot of shifts during the day, which can be difficult to fill. We are working on getting folks to sign up for regular shifts, so we are not reliant on last-minute volunteers.

Previous Scheduling Method

We chose the work schedule maker Humanity as we were gearing up for our buying club. Before that we relied on folks volunteering for tasks at meetings on paper.

Since Humanity

The employee schedule maker Humanity has made it easier for us to engage our owners as a group: allowing folks to see available jobs in one central calendar. Folks also like the reminders right from Humanity. This saves calling folks to remind them of occasional work shifts. I would recommend Humanity: it has made it much easier for us to inform our group of the tasks and shifts that need to be covered, at a glance.

Humanity has helped us organize our workforce.- Jessica – Jersey City Food Co-Op Board


The message board has been used by folks with questions about events. Seems useful.

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