Industry-leading employee scheduling software that enables managers to not only create accurate work schedules quickly and in the cloud, but also monitor employee attendance and easily put together reports and timesheets to facilitate better payroll practices.

talentReef is the best social recruiting and talent management system in the industry, created specifically for businesses that deal with hourly employees. The software system makes it simple for businesses to not only find and hire, but also onboard and train staff.

How They Work Together

Make the transition for employees easier by guide_urling talentReef's hiring and onboarding with Humanity's scheduling capabilities. Make sure that your HR team, staff and new employees are all on the same page throughout the onboarding, training and scheduling process.

How to Connect

If you're already using both systems, you're only a few steps away from integrating Humanity and talentReef. See how easy it is to connect the two.

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