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SurePayroll Integration

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World Class Employee Scheduling Meets Industry-Leading Payroll Processing

What is Humanity?

Industry-leading employee scheduling software that enables managers to not only create accurate work schedules quickly and in the cloud, but also monitor employee attendance and easily put together reports and timesheets to facilitate better payroll practices.

What is SurePayroll?

With its ability to integrate with some of the best online time clock providers, SurePayroll makes it easy for businesses to streamline and optimize the process of paying employees by easily exporting time and attendance data directly to payroll.

How They Work Together

With Humanity's robust reporting features, you can automatically create accurate timesheets that clearly show when all your employee clock in and out of their shifts and how many hours they have worked. You can also compare the time and attendance information with the shifts you have scheduled for each employee to further refine the process. These timesheets can then be easily exported and seamlessly integrated with SurePayroll's payroll processing tools.

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