Oracle HCM Cloud + Humanity

Modern demand driven scheduling fully integrated with Oracle HCM and time and labor.

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Oracle Approved

Humanity and Oracle have partnered to bring the best-in-class scheduling, human capital management and time tracking to enterprise customers around the world. With Humanity and Oracle HCM, all of your employee and organizational data will seamlessly flow to Humanity while published schedules sync back to Oracle Time and Labor. Save time, increase efficiency and better manage your labor costs with Humanity and Oracle HCM.


Sync key employee data

The integration features Oracle as the source of truth for employee, time off, and leave of absence data, while Humanity is the source of truth for scheduling data.


No double data entry

Humanity + Oracle integration is bi-directional, so managers and supervisors only need to import and keep track of employee data in a single system of record.


Skill-based schedules

Since Humanity pulls employee data from Oracle, managers are enabled to easily identify and schedule employees with skills and certifications required for a shift.



With Humanity, all scheduling information and employee data are hosted in the cloud, so each staff member can easily access and update them from any device.


Labor compliance

Shift scheduling with Humanity helps overcome a range of compliance risks, from resolving overlapping shifts and scheduling conflicts, to reducing unplanned overtime.


Fast deployment

Being a standardized product, the integration can be configured and implemented in a rapid manner, after determining the customers’ distinct needs and requirements.

Oracle HCM Cloud and Humanity provide the power of HCM with cloud-based scheduling


Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud is a complete solution built for the cloud designed to give you maximum visibility and control over your most valuable resource, your people.


The industry’s leading cloud-based employee scheduling platform that enables managers to not only create accurate work schedules quickly and in the cloud, but also monitor employee attendance and easily put together reports and timesheets to facilitate better payroll practices.

If you're already using Oracle HCM Cloud, you're only a few steps away from integrating Humanity.

Humanity removes the need for double data entry while providing powerful, scalable scheduling for your company. Find out how you can leverage the power and flexibility of today’s leading cloud-based scheduling platform.

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