BambooHR + Humanity

Combine the power of HR data with cloud-based scheduling.

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BambooHR and Humanity provide the power of HCM with cloud-based scheduling


BambooHR takes all of your employee information and keeps it in one place, allowing you to easily sort, analyze and control all your employee data from anywhere. No matter how many locations you have, BambooHR lets you see all your data in one view.


The industry’s leading cloud-based employee scheduling platform that enables managers to not only create accurate work schedules quickly and in the cloud, but also monitor employee attendance and easily put together reports and timesheets to facilitate better payroll practices.

Businesses that use Humanity for their employee scheduling and BambooHR for their human resources needs can sync all their staff details for more effective workforce management.


Mobile-first Employee Scheduling

Give your employees access to the latest schedule on any mobile device and enable them to trade shifts without manager involvement.


Data Integration

Synchronize key employee details—name, email address, employment status—as well as leave types and approved leave requests.


Always Up-to-Date

Employee data in BambooHR are automatically updated and synchronized with Humanity, eliminating the need for double data entry.

If you're already using BambooHR, you're only a few steps away from integrating Humanity.

Humanity removes the need for double data entry while providing powerful, scalable scheduling for your company. Find out how you can leverage the power and flexibility of today’s leading cloud-based scheduling platform.

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