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“With a winning positive attitude, and a great framework that is constantly being updated with new features, Humanity is definitely the ultimate shift scheduling software available. It is completely in-valuable to our business and operation.”

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Business Overview

Innovative Solutions Northwest is a nonprofit company that engages in fundraising for a few specific charities that we have chosen to support. We provide volunteer staff for various events, typically in concession stands at local stadiums.

Scheduling Overview

We have day jobs or occupations. Of this pool as many as 40 are typically available to work on a given weekend day, fewer on a weekday.

We have different places at different times of day as well as different days of the week. It is almost completely irregular. We also have a wide range of people with different schedules at their day jobs which makes availability vary greatly from person to person. This creates a challenge in that we can neither choose our work schedule nor our workers’ schedules. Also since our entire workforce is composed of volunteers, we cannot force anyone to work a given shift but have to let people sign up for work via paper lists, email, text messages or online.


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Previous Scheduling Method

Previously emails went to everyone asking them to sign up for whatever shifts were coming up in the next month. Then if the shifts didn’t fill up we would send another email and then personal texts. Finally we would contact people by phone until we could get enough volunteers to commit. All of this was tracked on a sheet of paper making it impossible for more than one person to work on finding volunteers at any one time.

Since Humanity

The Humanity work scheduler has cut down on some of the reminding that we have had to do. The work scheduler has made it easier for people because they can visually look at a calendar while they are choosing which shifts to work. It also cuts down on no-shows and late arrivals because of the automatic reminders that the work scheduler sends out to each person.

In addition all of management staff can see at a glance how things are looking for any upcoming event and some of the human error of putting people on the wrong list or double scheduling volunteers is reduced when people are able to schedule themselves. Of course it’s excellent that people don’t need to call management and ask if they are on the schedule. On their own they can simply go online where it is always posted and up-to-date. We also love the fact that the work scheduler keeps track of every-one’s hours so that we can recognize people for their efforts.

We can see how it would certainly work out to cut costs… – Ben Fitch – Innovative Solutions Northwest

Humanity offers 24/7 support as most of our time to work on administration occurs after regular business hours, since we are all volunteers and have other day jobs. We also think it’s excellent that the Humanity team is continuing to develop this tool and we appreciate the opportunity to provide input in that process.

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