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The transportation industry is going through fundamental changes in technology.

Carriers are facing a number of challenges in hiring, managing, and retaining top talent. An aging workforce and rapid technological advancement have sparked fierce competition for the right talent.


The rapidly rising demand for skilled workers, such as logistics managers and supply chain managers


The staffing turnover rate in transportation, placing it among the top 10 industries by turnover in the U.S.


The percentage of the transportation workforce absent from work on regular work days.

With Humanity, you can:

  • Create skill-based, conflict-free schedules for different shipping points, departments, and available employees, aligned with forecasted scheduling needs;
  • Oversee employee time and attendance across various locations, ensure accurate payroll timesheets, and communicate with the team—on-the-go and in real-time
  • Integrate enterprise scheduling with leading HCM software to streamline workforce management efforts and increase productivity.

Why everyone loves Humanity—from air engineers to dispatchers to coordinators


Keep everyone connected—every day, at each location

Ensure real-time alignment between all stakeholders in the transportation value chain. Easily communicate information on schedule updates via any device, across locations.


Forecast staffing needs based on peak time

By importing external KPIs, Humanity's Forecast module allows enterprises to create optimal, data-driven schedules that ensure coverage during peak times.


Centralized scheduling for all locations

With Humanity, line managers can control scheduling for all facilities. Our conflict-free, skill-based scheduling gives schedule makers an elevated view of the entire workforce.


Monitor attendance in departure and destination ports

Humanity’s Time Clock module enables employers to check when each employee clocks in and out of locations, enabling efficient distribution of the workforce according to needs and skills.


Humanity integrates seamlessly with your current HCM platform

Combine Humanity’s robust, error-free scheduling with best-of-breed HCM solutions to avoid double data entry and enable a seamless, integrated experience between platforms.


Export accurate timesheets that are ready for payroll

Compile precise data on actual employee hours, avoid unapproved overtime costs, and automatically export reports that can immediately be synced to payroll.


Application: Enterprise

Industry: Travel

“It takes me the same amount of time to schedule 200 employees with Humanity as it did to schedule 30 with Excel.”

—Anna Ingvert, Line Administration, West Atlantic Group

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