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With poor employee scheduling, busy nights and slow seasons are difficult to manage through—often resulting in disappointing customer experience.

If shift schedules are not aligned with customer demand, service will not be up to par.


Number of customers who don’t return to an establishment after reading one negative review


The quarterly turnover rate for hourly restaurant employees


The percentage of restaurant workers who are disengaged

With Humanity, you can:

  • Automatize and accelerate schedule creation for the whole staff in multiple locations, while factoring in foot traffic and seasonality
  • Provide easy access to scheduling information to both managers and employees, and foster transparency and collaboration
  • Integrate and sync data from different sources to make precise forecasts about your staffing needs and become more strategic with your scheduling

Why everyone loves Humanity—from waiters to kitchen staff to managers


Effectively manage staff shifts across locations

With Humanity available on all devices, managers can instantly access schedules they need, review requests, and automatically notify employees about changes via mobile app, SMS, or email.


Smarter skill-based scheduling

A well-run restaurant requires the skills of a dozen or more staff members on-shift simultaneously. Humanity’s schedules meet this need, while also taking into account potential conflict risks and overtime.


Cover all bases with flexible scheduling

Your staff members can set their availability preferences and arrange shift trades, so last-minute changes and unexpected absences can be quickly and easily rectified.


Foster communication, anytime, anyplace

Humanity is a mobile-first platform, so employees can access the scheduling information they need based on their role, as well as effectively communicate with their managers and peers.


Consolidate employee data

Humanity is integrated with prominent HCM solutions so managers don’t need to keep track of multiple data entries, and are enabled to effortlessly sync and export up-to-date information.


Strategically plan staffing demands

Humanity’s Forecast helps managers analyze and leverage business and labor trends across peak and slower seasons, in order to build worker schedules optimized for upcoming demand.


Application: Enterprise

Industry: Restaurant

“We were looking to update the way we use and send schedules to our employees”

— Robert Hopple, General Manager, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

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