The scheduling platform that ensures your enterprise is running like clockwork.

Boost efficiency and support transparency in your production flow.


The manufacturing industry continually faces the challenges of growing costs and employee retention.

To remain competitive, companies have to take a hard look at the numbers.


Percentage of executives stating overtime costs are up by at least 5%


Number of manufacturing jobs that will go unfilled by the year 2025


Growth percentage of the cost of an hour of downtime since 2008

With Humanity, you can:

  • Generate schedule templates dynamically, calculate conflicts, and manage changes in up to 80% less time
  • Immediately alert the crew about newly published schedules, open shifts, and critical announcements via the Humanity app, SMS message, or email
  • Monitor overtime, analyze trends and past insights, and quickly build workflows that factor in employee data, deadlines, and other dependencies

Why everyone loves Humanity—from the production floor to the executives


Ensure your facility is running at full capacity

Humanity gives supervisors a clear overview of employee availability and attendance, ensuring full coverage without losing momentum in the key stages of production.


Prevent production costs from skyrocketing

Overtime and downtime costs are usually a result of poor scheduling. Humanity’s precise time clocking, error-free schedules, and comprehensive reports help tackle these challenges.


Handle unexpected delays and absences on the go

Your crew will love the opportunity to set up their availability and trade shifts on their own, wherever they are, and supervisors won’t have to play catch-up with last-minute staffing changes.


Make it easy for managers to stay compliant

Set up custom scheduling rules that are in-line with government regulations, so each schedule is automatically compliant with the latest changes in labor law—from maximum working hours to obligatory breaks.


Assign relevant employees to each task

The Humanity platform keeps track of employees’ skills and certifications—even their expiration dates—so the right staff is always scheduled to be in the right place at the right time.


Leverage key business metrics to plan the next steps

Time-consuming manual scheduling tools leave little room for analysis and optimization. Humanity’s analytical capabilities are there to help predict the future needs of your business.


See how Humanity solves scheduling in your industry

From health facilities and universities to retail giants and amusement parks, see how our powerful shift scheduling software has transformed workforce management for more than 10,000 companies in 150+ industries.