Schedule the right healthcare professional for the right client—easily and accurately.

Dynamic staff scheduling built on compliance, employee certifications, and real-time availability.


Scheduling is a linchpin for healthcare, and it helps keep your best employees engaged and retained.

Ensure the right person is scheduled for the right client or patient, at the right time.


The average medical industry staffing turnover rate


The average cost of turnover for a registered nurse

#5 rank

In absenteeism across all industries

With Humanity, you can:

  • Quickly generate conflict-free schedules based on patient acuity, employee availability, skills, and certifications
  • Manage last-minute scheduling changes in real-time and notify staff automatically right on their mobile device
  • Sync relevant employee data bi-directionally and automatically with your HCM platform for optimized monitoring, reporting, and transparency across the organization

Why everyone loves Humanity—from medical staff to managers to executives


Meet the 24/7 scheduling cycle

With custom shift templates, managers can easily create conflict-free schedules from scratch. Scheduled employees get notified in real-time about scheduling changes.


Reduce overtime for value-based healthcare

Humanity instantly warns managers when schedules generate overtime, while also allowing them to set custom scheduling rules in line with regulation and their organization’s needs.


Filter and schedule staff by skills

Provide the best care for your patients by ensuring the right staff members—with the right combination of skills and certifications—are scheduled at the right time and the right location.


Integrate with your existing HCM system

Our solution is integrated with a range of powerful human capital management platforms and payroll services, so you can seamlessly pull reports and sync key employee data.


Demand-based scheduling with predictive analytics

With updated and synchronized employee data at their fingertips, managers can anticipate scheduling needs, make more realistic plans, and provide more consistency to the staff.


Manage employee schedules remotely

Humanity’s cloud-based scheduling platform is available on all devices, so both the staff and scheduling administrators have access to relevant data and updates, any place, any time.


Application: Small / Medium-sized Business

Industry: Healthcare

“Every aspect of Humanity has benefited CareMinders - it is the backbone of my business. It saves time and provides a good communication channel when working with staff...”

—Cindee Kelly, Owner, CareMinders