Get your staff schedule in shape

Seamless employee scheduling for boutique studios and big-box gyms alike


The wellness industry is growing, but jam-packed gyms alone won't ensure long-term success.

Crowds can be a consequence of poor scheduling, not loyal members serviced by motivated staff.


Revenue generated worldwide for the fitness industry (2017)


Per-member revenue generated by staff after membership purchase


The percentage of members who turnover within the first six months

With Humanity, you can:

  • Effortlessly schedule staff in accordance with availability, skill level, or certification
  • Enable staff to remotely access their schedule, request changes, and trade shifts
  • Monitor sales trends and fine-tune schedules for maximum performance

Why everyone loves Humanity—from fitness professionals to managers


Effectively manage peak times and slow seasons

Humanity helps you monitor daily and seasonal changes, as well as member activity. It provides a clear overview of your employees, generates error-free schedules, and prevents over- and understaffing.


Step up schedule generation

Humanity enables scheduling administrators to monitor employee availability at a glance, automatically populate open shifts and notify the team instantly about last-minute changes.


Empower your team with flexible scheduling

Your staff doesn’t need to sweat over their schedules. With Humanity, the latest schedule is at their fingertips, and they’re able to set their availability and trade shifts if necessary.


Prepare for upcoming scheduling demands

Schedule forecasting helps managers monitor the changes in business dynamics, recognize the most popular workout sessions, and customize the schedules for maximum efficiency.


Create diverse programs your members will love

Managers can customize staff profiles with roles, skills, and certifications to ensure the schedules consistently reflect the members’ needs, the budget, and skill-based requirements.


Build upon your existing HCM platform

If your business is already using a human capital management platform, Humanity complements it by pulling together relevant data, such as employee details, timesheets, payroll and others.


See how Humanity solves scheduling in your industry

From health facilities and universities to retail giants and amusement parks, see how our powerful shift scheduling software has transformed workforce management for more than 10,000 companies in 150+ industries.