Employee scheduling for the client-centric enterprise.

Drive organizational success with cloud-based shift scheduling. Empower employees and reduce the burden on supervisors.


Building a loyal customer base starts with a foundation of engaged, empathetic, motivated customer service agents.


The number of positive experiences required to compensate for one negative experience


The annual cost of a disengaged employee to the business, in terms of lost revenue


The number of contact center professionals who feel agent morale directly affects the customer experience

With Humanity, you can:

  • Monitor employee attendance across locations, export comprehensive reports based on real-time data, and make accurate forecasts for the future
  • Put employees in control of their time by enabling them to set their preferred working hours and arrange shifts trades without managers intervening
  • Generate skill-based, conflict-free schedules aligned with customer demand and employee availability

Why everyone loves Humanity—from agents to supervisors


Accommodate varying client times with dynamic scheduling

Humanity allows managers to create templates and custom scheduling rules while ensuring the right staff is assigned at the right time.


Increase employee engagement while curbing frustration

Workers who feel in charge of their time make for a more successful team. Humanity provides the flexibility they need by providing remote access to schedules and enabling instant shift trades.


Bypass human error in everyday processes

With manual scheduling, costly errors are commonplace. With Humanity, managers are automatically warned about all overlapping shifts, overtime, and other scheduling conflicts.


Remotely access and modify schedules

Humanity is available on all devices, so supervisors have better control over shifts and employee’s requests, while the agents have the latest information at their fingertips.


Seamlessly integrate crucial employee data

Thanks to Humanity’s partnership with leading HCM platforms, employee data is updated and synced in real-time, making reporting and other administrative tasks that much easier.


Scale the scheduling process to fit your organization

Whether you’re a 24/7 call center or a support service for a niche market, Humanity’s robust platform can be easily set up to support the unique scheduling needs of your business.


See how Humanity solves scheduling in your industry

From health facilities and universities to retail giants and amusement parks, see how our powerful shift scheduling software has transformed workforce management for more than 10,000 companies in 150+ industries.