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Vacation Tracking & Leave Management

With easy to setup rules such as number of days per year, and max staff that allowed off at one time, you can finally take control of your vacation and leave management! Track who is off when, and we will make sure you never schedule anyone accidentally while they’re on the beaches in Hawaii!

Always Up-To-Date Staff Availability

Humanity allows your staff be in control of keeping their availability up to date. This information is even built right into our conflict checker to eliminate scheduling conflicts around availability before they happen.

Learning Management System

Our flexible staff training module is the perfect place to train your staff! Progress is tracked along the way providing real insight that your policies, training and communications are actually being reviewed by your staff and as changes are made everyone is kept in the loop.

HR Document Management

Tracking Personnel and HR documents doesn’t have to be a headache! With Humanity’s secure and centralized platform, you can collect and store all types of documents making sure they’re accessible to the right people within your organization at all times.

The Humanity Wizard showing what the Humanity employee scheduling software's Staff module for Human Resources looks like

Human Resources can use the Humanity online employee scheduling platform's Message Wall to communicate with the entire team

Compare Employee Performance

Performance management tools help managers keep track of your employees’ productivity. Keep track of employee attendance and availability statistics, use screenshot monitoring and more.

Centralized Staff Communication

Share files and maintain open communication between employees through ping, message wall, and private inbox systems. Improved communication and productivity by always being able to reach your employees.

The Social Workforce Platform

Social era has reinvented how employees connect & collaborate in the workplace and beyond. Humanity allows organizations to socialize the processes of scheduling and clocking through integrations with Google Apps, Facebook, and more.


Unlimited Staff

Humanity doesn’t have any “account packages” or limits on anything. So whether your business has five employees or 5,000 our staff scheduling software is ready to work for you.

Quickly Add Employees

With one easy step, Humanity provides you with the ability to quickly import employees from .csv, Google Apps, Facebook and your e-mail addressbook.

User Levels

Humanity has broken users into four groups: Management, Schedulers, Employee Scheduler & Employees.


Employee Skills

Tag employees with different skills so that you can quickly filter them later on. For example: Do you need an employee that can speak a certain language? Or an employee with a certain skill to work in the kitchen?

Staff Gallery

Employees have access to view the Staff Gallery, which contains the photos & names of their co-workers. This is a great way to familiarize themselves with whom they work, and also a great way to remember names.

Upcoming Shifts

Providing staff with 24/7 access to their upcoming schedules eliminates the need for them to call or come in just to find out when they work.


Available Shifts

Humanity allows you to create ‘Open Shifts’. This allows employees to logon and select which days they would like to work (with managers approval).


Keeping open lines of communication is important at any business. Humanity provides a safe communication system to discuss work related issues, ask questions or simply just to check in.

Collecting Data

Humanity provides forms that you can print that will help you collect staff information for the first time. This includes fields such as: e-mail, availability, phone number, address, etc.


Mobile Version

Access a mobile version of Humanity’s staff scheduling software from any web enabled mobile device. This means you have access to Humanity from anywhere, at any time.

Employee Performance

Humanity has built-in reporting to let you easily track the performance of your staff. Who is coming in late? Missing the most shifts, etc.?


Allowing employees to update their changing availabilities, means that you always have the most accurate data when you go to make the schedule.


Vacation Requests

With the built-in Vacation System employees can request time off. Once a manager has accepted that time off, it will save in the system so that the employee can’t be booked by mistake.


Humanity generates a Karma score for your employees based on their attendance records and other factors. This is a unique variable that you can use when prioritizing shift allocations, or for bonuses, and more.


At a glance as soon as you login to our staff scheduling software we’ll let you know what has happened since you were last online, as well as remind you of all outstanding action items.


Who’s on Now

Quickly find out who is (or should be) working right now. Is an employee scheduled, but hasn’t shown up yet? Humanity will allow you to quickly get in contact with them.

Share Files

Share documents within Humanity’s secure application to enable provide everyone in your organization with convenient access.

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