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Discover Humanity’s Auto-Fill Schedule

We’re answering all your questions about the Auto-Fill Schedule through a comprehensive use case. Our Solutions Engineer Amanda Rosenbalm will show you how to:

  • Manage open and empty shifts in existing and blank schedules
  • Eliminate conflicts even before you start building the schedule
  • Ensure compliance with overtime, meal, and rest periods rules

Coming soon

Custom Prioritization in Auto-Fill Schedule

In this webinar, we’ll explain how to set up prioritization rules that enable you to assign shifts based on your unique company policy. Auto-Fill Schedule allows the prioritization of employee assignments seniority, rating, pay type, and more. More details to follow soon.


Your business can’t afford manual scheduling.

Leverage Humanity’s AI-powered engine to build conflict-free shift schedules in the cloud. Connect with your team and manage schedule changes in real-time.

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