Industry Leader in Workforce Management, Time Tracking, and Employee Scheduling

G2 Crowd names Humanity a Leader in Workforce Management and Enterprise based on customer satisfaction, ease of use and administration, and meeting business requirements. Our platform earned praise in a number of categories, including Enterprise Usability, Time Tracking, and Employee Scheduling

Humanity Leads in All Market Segments

Powerful, Intuitive Shift Scheduling & Workforce Management for the Enterprise

Create accurate work schedules quickly and in the cloud, monitor employee attendance, and put together reports and timesheets ready for payroll

Optimize and automate all your staff scheduling and workforce management needs.

Manage multiple locations and departments, and communicate with your team from anywhere.

Easily create custom reports for all your most important staff management data.

Industry Leader in Workforce Management, Time Tracking, and Employee Scheduling

Integrate with leading HCM platforms to speed up your work

Humanity lets you integrate seamlessly with many of today’s leading HCM platforms. Sync and align your employee scheduling and workforce management processes and optimize the way you do business.

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See what G2 Crowd users had to say about our enterprise workforce solution

“It is more organized and gives more accountability to employees to take care of their schedule and not depend on the managers to keep track of everything.”

“Mobile alerts and clock-in to quick access to schedules allows our staff to focus more on their tasks and not making sure they are in the right place at the right time.”

“Humanity allows us to up our communication game with general announcements or specific messages to staff or departments. On-the-fly changes are no longer missed, but quickly delivered.”

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