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“Humanity has helped us solve various problems including ability for our managers to create a schedule anywhere there is internet.”

Devin Connors – Boston Pizza

Business Overview

The Four Winds Coffee & Tea is part of a non-profit organization called the Christ Center. Four Winds has only been open since 2009 and the Christ Center was started in 2004. The Christ Center’s mission is to reach college students by offering them a safe and fun place to hang out and enjoy a locally roasted cup of coffee and to offer community members opportunities to serve the students as often as we can. The coffee shop gives the students that place to hang out and helps to sustain the Christ Center mission.

Scheduling Overview

There was 1 employee in 2004 until 2009 when the coffee shop opened. We currently have the most employees we have ever had at 8. Most of our employees are college students who have classes and busy lives in general. It is difficult keeping up with classes, requests off, etc.

Previous Scheduling Method

Previously we wrote out schedules which might take an hour or more. We are open Monday-Friday from 6am to midnight. There are typically 4 or more shifts each day. It was very time consuming trying to schedule everyone before the employee schedule maker Humanity.

Since Humanity

It is so easy to see who is available for each time block, plug them in and be done! The work scheduler Humanity is much more time effective. For me that’s great. Being a nonprofit, money and time are things we cherish and try to use as wisely as we can. I would recommend Humanity, yes! It is an easy way to manage scheduling and a great way to communicate with all employees at one time.

I love Humanity.Karen Lidberg – Four Winds Coffee & Tea

As the director I do the scheduling and I work in the coffee shop nearly 10 hours a week to cut our payroll. It is so nice to have a scheduling program so that I use as little time as possible scheduling. I have so many other things to take care of throughout the week I can’t imagine taking even one more hour to do schedules. I don’t know where I’d fit it in.


We only have 8 employees but it is so convenient to be able to post something on the Message Wall that they will all see at once.

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