Topic: Custom FTP Settings - URL & Path

I want to know how to set a custom FTP server using SPGrab. There does not seem to be any example in the site.. I want to know what to put in 'path' and 'url'

Settings are entered into SPGrab the same way they would be into an FTP application. Typically FTP accounts are setup to login to a certain folder on your webserver. If that login goes directly to where you want the images, then you can leave the 'path' field empty, and then the url, is just simply the http:// url to where that path actually exists. For example, let's say I have an ftp user account on spgrab that has pemissions to the folder.

The ftp settings would be the user/password, and the url would be:

As then the image url that is copied to the clipboard is automatically appended to that.

If you wanted to have the app upload to for example then, 'images/' becomes your path, and the url: