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Under the tab 'ShiftPlanning' -> Click the downward arrow icon adjacent to Publish button -> Toggle Read Only. Use this if you do not want to edit your schedule by accident while you are using the system.

Click the 'Toggle Read Only' to toggle it off and on.

If you try to then edit the schedule, you will not be able to.

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Upon upgrading the "Publish" button I am shown doesn't look like what is in your post.  The arrow is a separate grey colored box and the drop down doesn't contain the option to toggle to read only.  Please see attached image.  Where can I find it?

Edit:  Apparently my attachment doesn't work, but I hope you get the idea.

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Hi C Wiese, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience in this regard. This feature is currently undergoing some overhauling process to provide with a better functionality. That is the reason why it has been taken down until we are able to push it live with more improvements.

I would suggest you to please stay tuned with us and share your suggestions/feedback at, so that we can put forward more improvement requests to our development team on your behalf which may help you to have a better experience than ever before.

Kind Regards

Chuck Caldwell
Technical Support

Re: Read Only Lock

Any word on when we can expect this functionality again?  This feature was very useful and prevented many mistakes and I'd love to see it in the newer version.