Topic: Future Availability

Under the tab 'Staff' -> 'Your Profile' ->'Availability' 'Future Availability' you can set your 'Future Availability' dates and if management has the 'Availability Approval' feature enabled then you will require their approval before your changes are accepted.

Once you have added a date and time then it will appear on your list where you can edit or delete it. 'Green' are 'Available' and 'Pink' are 'Un-Available'. To delete it just click the 'Delete' icon.

To edit just click the 'Edit' icon and 'Click here' to manage your availability in 15 minute increments.

Once approved it will appear as 'Approved'.

When you receive the availability for approval, or if viewed from another user's account, it will be shown to you in your own time zone, but it has to be shown in two days (that's why there are double slots the second set represent the next day that it stretches into).

The 'Future Availability' system is for the times that you would 'prefer' to 'not' be available for dates in the future. This is used only as a guide for your management to determine your schedule that differs from your 'Weekly Availability'. If you want to request formal vacation time please see our Vacation Requests.
Remember future availability settings over-ride your 'Weekly Availability'.

Please feel free to let us know of any feedback, questions or concerns in the comments below or by emailing

Happy Scheduling!

Re: Future Availability

This is a nice feature for a few one-off dates but what if a staff member has a completely new set of available hours?

I would love the option for staff to build an availability schedule for a set time frame eg. Jan 1 - April 15 and a 2nd schedule for April 16 - June 29. This would work well for students employees who base their availability around their school.

This would allow employers to schedule staff weeks in advance (which is the whole idea around scheduling) and not have to worry about conflicts.