Streamline Employee Scheduling With Humanity's ShiftPlanning Module

The central, most powerful module of the Humanity platform that lets you create, edit and view all your employee shifts and schedules online.

Create Shifts in Seconds

To create a shift just click on any cell, type the start and end times of the shift and press Enter. That’s it!

create shifts

Advanced Schedule Filtering

Easily see the exact data you need to see in order to quickly create error-free shifts.

advanced schedule filtering

Real-Time Budgeting

See up-to-the-minute stats on employee hours and approximate costs right in the schedule.

real-time Budgeting

Create Next Week’s Schedule in Minutes

Identify and Resolve Shift Conflicts

Creating scheduling conflicts is practically impossible with Humanity. Our smart-scheduling features identify shift conflicts, alert you of them and help you to resolve them quickly.

Promote Collaboration

Save time by letting staff set their availability, request vacation time and trade shifts independently. See who’s available to work right in your calendar without ever having to leave your Scheduler view.

Customize Your Schedule View

Your Schedule Overview can be adjusted to show a single day, week, two weeks or an entire month. Employee, position, visual or list views give you even more customization options.

One-Click Schedule Distribution

Happy with the daily or weekly schedule you’ve created? Publish it to automatically notify employees of their new shifts via multiple channels (email, SMS). No more endless phone calls or email chains.

Easy-to-Use Employee Scheduling Software

Mobile Staff Schedule Maker

Native iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to manage your staff and create or edit work shifts and schedules from anywhere.

Advanced, Data-Driven Staff Schedule Maker

While Humanity is intuitive and simple enough for small business to use, our staff scheduling software also offers powerful, dynamic employee scheduling solutions to tackle even the most demanding and complex staff scheduling needs of larger corporations.

Rule-Based Scheduling

Set rules in order to curb unnecessary overtime and unwelcomed undertime. Avoid employee fatigue with rules for maximum days in a row, daily and weekly hour and shift limits and much more.

Generate Smart Schedules

Use Humanity’s Schedule Wizard to auto-generate schedules for your current timeline. Fill open shifts in your schedule automatically or generate a full schedule based on past trends.

Forecast Schedule Needs

Integrate point of sale and other business data with your online schedule maker to forecast your business’s scheduling needs from week to week based on sales, foot traffic and other important KPIs.

Custom Locations and Departments

Create multiple locations and departments as needed. Manage them all with one account or divide your business into group accounts with custom scheduler access and permissions.

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