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Employee Management System

Humanity tracks shift trades and drops for you, so you can focus on other things. You are notified whenever an open shift appears so that you can deal with it right away.

Notify Team Members Swiftly

Your team member will never have excuses for missing shifts again. Humanity notifies them via email and SMS every time a new schedule is published or changes are made to an existing one.

Make Team View Your Own

It’s completely up to you to choose how you want your company data displayed in Humanity. Choose between graphics and lists, and decide whether you want to see daily, weekly, or monthly information.

Create Your Account In Couple Minutes

Setting up and confirming your Humanity account could not be easier. Setup is completed with only a few simple steps.

Auto-Save Your Changes

Everything you do in Humanity is automatically saved. Don’t worry about losing changes you’ve made ever again.

Take Your Human Resources Data With You

Humanity is available as an Android and iOS app as well. That means that you’ll have everything you need to manage your team, even when you’re not at the office.

From Hire to Retire

"Humanity makes your life easier, your employees happier, and your financials cleaner. We value it as an essential tool of our business!"

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Benefits of Business Management Systems

An employee management system uses a proven series of methods to gather information about the employees of a business. Most modern companies use computers to collect this information, making their system more accurate and problem-free. A database is often used to collect the information required and records may be sent out to those needing it, such as management, owners, and human resources personnel. The management system for employees often handles administrative tasks that are run by managers or owners of a company. Large organizations may have complex processes for payrolls, evaluation, and selection, so an effective and efficient system is needed to handle this information as quickly as possible. Employee systems should include personal information about each individual, such as their salary, accomplishments, capabilities, skills, and histories. This is also a great method for companies who hire hundreds of workers because it gives them an easy way to keep track of personnel.

Employee Management System is an option to this software as a way to prepare the forms in an easier manner. Features include attaching and scanning images, using a planner or scheduler with clients and also developing policy forms. If for instance employees have access to these forms, they can get used to these forms faster because solutions can only be done in a few clicks. With the email management, it can get access to your email client like Microsoft Outlook and take contacts from there. This helps to deliver emails and log forms and also saves time since you can access these functions at a single system.

Using Employee Management System And What You Should Expect: Many ACORD forms companies usually allow to buy this additional template from any provider since not all those templates on the main website are available having the management system. However, some layouts are actually inclusion of software developers so this can vary from one provider to another. Filtering solutions to get data are missing into other earlier versions so it should be expected having the up-to-date systems. There are also export solutions to various formats including CSV, Excel, HTML, WMF and RTF and via any Windows version. There are on the other hand Mac desktop versions but this feature might still be in progress. Inspite of the missed feature for Mac, this still makes it a multi-user experience having the wide range of access to resources.

There’s additionally the included Certificate Holder Master List choice which permits you to make protection authentications without physically gazing toward each customer information in addition to there isn’t any points of confinement in including as numerous holders and which ones to print, fax or email.

Infrequently is there any documentation for preparing another employee to achieve what is anticipated from them. Most business holders have the new contract “shadow” a current employee to see what needs to accomplish. There are no check-ins or catch up gatherings to perceive how well the new employee is doing. There is no Employee Management System set up.

Really what’s needed is an arrangement of employee management frameworks. These frameworks incorporate a methodology whereby new and existing employees understand what is anticipated from them and a procedure to screen them in their offer to meet these desires. Moreover, they incorporate apparatuses, preparing and input to backing their prosperity and clear rules on how they oversee themselves and correspond with others inside the association.

The Five Key Steps to Getting and Keeping Great Employees

  • Selecting & Hiring
  • Preparing for Employee Performance
  • Performance Management & Evaluation
  • One-On-One Management Meetings
  • Clear Communication Guidelines – A Management Philosophy

1. Selecting & Hiring

Selecting the perfect individual for the occupation is the best first step. Having an “Enrolling & Hiring System” – a system whereby you get the opportune individual for both the position and the society of your organization regularly implies newcomers are dedicated and more enduring. And, when you get the ideal individual, you will have less performance management issues. At the end of the day, the greater part of the time and vitality used preparing the new employee to do the occupation to your desires, step #2 beneath, won’t be squandered. This is what you have to know:

  • Plainly understand the undertakings that make up the position you require
  • Consider the obliged and wanted aptitudes to succeed in those undertakings
  • Know the sort of person that will fit well in the organization
  • Publicize with the right message in the right channel to get as numerous conceivable qualified candidates
  • With a documented Recruiting and Hiring System, you’ll get longer enduring, faithful employees, as well as never again be handcuffed by the likelihood of a decent employee clearing out. On the off chance that somebody leaves, you’ll have a compelling system for getting another person contracted and up-to-speed rapidly and effectively.

2. Preparing

The regularly sited purpose behind poor employee performance, an employee stopping or being let go is absence of learning – they didn’t realize what was anticipated from them and in the event that they did, they didn’t know how to accomplish those desires or have the apparatuses and preparing to succeed. In the event that you’ve gotten your work done well in Step #1 above, you’ll not just have an acceptable understanding of the errands needed of the new employee, yet you’ll additionally have discovered somebody with the essential aptitude set to have the capacity to succeed at those undertakings. Presently its paramount to give the “instruments” needed to do the occupation well – documented frameworks – a key component to your employee management framework.

These frameworks or methodology are the apparatuses to preparing the new employee the steps in performing a particular assignment. They can be:

  • Nitty gritty Action Plans
  • Straightforward Checklists
  • Stream Charts
  • Scripts
  • Forms

3. Performance Management & Evaluation

As a general rule, employees are not certain how well they are performing their occupation. The supervisor may say; “Incredible occupation!”, every once in a while, yet do they really mean it and does the manager really know what’s going on?

Performance management requires an assessment of precisely what is needed of the employee – an assessment of the employee performance – how well they are performing on the assignments unmistakably sketched out in their set of responsibilities.

4. One on One Management Meetings

An incredible technique for watching employee performance and kill the squandered time of steady intrusions, is to have a reliable employee management framework for gatherings. Gatherings need to be successful, generally organized and repeating on a predictable premise. The reason for the gathering is to mentor, coach and train, set objectives and consider the employees responsible to those objectives. Meeting rules help, for example, beginning and consummation on time and having a motivation. And any errands allocated in the gathering need to be documented, conveyed and caught up.

5. A Management Philosophy

Clear and compact correspondence is an important part in a flourishing association. For somebody to be responsible for an undertaking or activity its paramount they understand what it is they have to do, what is normal, the amount time they need to get the important results and they have to make sure they are dependent upon and ready to meet the test. As it were, they have to concur that they can accomplish it. In the event that they can’t consent to the errand, in what capacity would you be able to consider them responsible to accomplishing it? Then again, in the event that they consent to the conditions, then you ought to have the capacity to rely on the errand being finished on schedule. What we are discussing is called “Management by Agreement”.

We have discovered that employee management frameworks are comparative starting with one organization then onto the next. A straightforward “change” to a bland Recruiting & Hiring System, for instance, can give moment alleviation to your employing and management needs. Viable Meeting Guidelines, Problem Resolution Systems; Performance Evaluation – these are all frameworks that we can make accessible to you by clicking on Performance Management Systems.

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