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Employee Attendance Tracking

Now you'll never have to worry about someone else clocking in for another team member. Time Clock's FacePunch feature uses facial recognition to eliminate buddy punching for good.

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Set Time and Attendance Rules Easily

Establish rules for when your employees need to clock in and out, and when they are allowed to take breaks. Improve attendance by setting attendance guidelines and notifying your team of them.

Get Everyone Coming In and Leaving On Time

Humanity gives you the ability to set guidelines for attendance that your employees need to adhere to. It also makes it very easy to notify staff of schedule changes and attendance expectations.

See Where Remote Workers Are Clocking In

Humanity’s Time Clock is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology. This allows you to always keep tabs on workers, even when they are working remotely.

Export Timesheet Data in Seconds

Time Clock is not just for monitoring attendance in real time. All of the information is gathered and can later be turned into timesheets and reports.

Follow Attendance Trends

Humanity lets you create easy-to-read reports that detail company attendance trends. Track progress to determine how to improve overall time and attendance behaviour.

No More Late Arrivals

Late arrivals and unannounced absences can cause problems for your entire company. Keep your team running like clockwork by setting attendance rules and monitoring team clock behavior closely.

Take Employee Attendance Data to Bookkeeping

Use Humanity to improve productivity in every department of your company. Time Clock enables you to create timesheets that can easily be used for payroll.

From Hire to Retire

"Humanity makes your life easier, your employees happier, and your financials cleaner. We value it as an essential tool of our business!"

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Investments Insured with Employee Time Tracking Software

An employee attendance tracking is a very important device to any firm. This gadget is mainly used to ensure that there is effective time management. It is very important because it allows the firm to keep a record of the period used to produce a certain product or service by a certain employee. This way the enterprise can major on the weak points hence increasing the overall production within the available working hours.

Fortunately, with the improvement of technology and innovation in business methods, tracking employee attendance and time management have become easier, faster, and more cost-effective. With an employee attendance tracking, the risks of time theft and non-productivity are minimized. Accurate records of attendance are reported and cannot easily be altered. Employee performance can also be easily tracked and monitored. Automated reports provide managers a clear view of the productivity of the organization. Employees who do not perform well and cannot meet certain deadlines of projects and tasks can easily be viewed through the software. On the other hand, employees with flawless records and good performances may be given their deserved recognition or bonuses.

Through this robotized employee participation tracking, organizations can now plentifully deal with its most paramount assets. Time is not wasted or misused. Employee yield and work rate gets to be more proclaimed. Along these lines, this framework ends up being an incredible speculation towards an effective organization. Oversee employees and time better with Freckle time tracking. It has all the gimmicks required to guarantee viable time and employee management. It likewise accompanies a simple web-interface for everybody’s helpful utilization.

Expanded generation will prompt expanded benefits for the firm. This is the fundamental playing point of these contraptions to any firm. Nonetheless, separated from this profit, there are other extra profits as recorded in this article. Notwithstanding, for one to have the benefits, he or she needs to guarantee that the utilized device is institutionalized and that it is of highest quality.these devices are exceptionally disentangled. Thusly the client of the device does not have any challenges while utilizing it. There is no ability hands needed for it to work. On the other hand, while buying the device guarantee that you are given a client manual. With this booklet, you will have all the obliged learning for its operation.the device is extremely adaptable. This implies that it can be effortlessly actualized on any business. It is not confused software which must be combined with different parts for it to work. The employees will likewise comfortably conform to the new procedure. This contraption is simply a gadget to record the period utilization and it won’t intrude on the work of an employee in any capacity.

With this software, any firm can be in a decent position to plan as needs be. This implies that any particular firm will have the capacity to arrange all its exercises by making a working schedule. Thusly, all the arranged exercises will be finished inside the arranged working compass. Furthermore it helps the firm to forecast future generation. Subsequently the firm will have the capacity to schedule and arrange all its exercises for most extreme benefits.

It additionally permits the firm to think of a definite correlation on the assessed plan and the genuine hours utilized. Along these lines the firm will have the capacity to record for all the expenses. In the event that the management particularly the chiefs have the right points of interest on genuine and planned results, they will introduce a successful working schedule henceforth enhancing the organization’s efficiency.there are a few firms where the employees will presuppose having a record of the term used on a certain errand. Thusly they find themselves able to have a reasonable picture on their effectiveness. With such devices this is made conceivable. Along these lines the specialist will know of which course to take. Contingent upon their velocity he or can select to expand or diminish working pace.

This innovation has come into straightforwardness and enhance the generation of any venture. Considering that time is cash, one should deal with his or her time in like manner for expanded pay. Therefore, procure an employee scheduling software to help in time management and enhance creation.

Improving the methodology of employee time tracking will spare you time; computerizing will offer various printable reports for bookkeeping and managerial purposes; picking biometric framework will kill “pal punching” (not prescribed for assembling situations, where employee hands are presented to different flotsam and jetsam that would keep the biometric scanner from working legitimately). The utilization of Protective Surface Pads is prescribed with any biometric time clock to improve the checking and to secure the biometric peruser.

The idea is straightforward. Your organization captivates the administrations of time tracking: time and work management software which incorporates consistently with invoicing and payroll frameworks you as of now utilization. The move happens under the watchful, gifted eyes of web technical support who will introduce and train you on your new program. With a respectable organization, say, one that as of now administrations over a huge number of people and organizations, you can foresee an effective mix of your old and the new.

Portable time trackers work with any sort of cellular telephone yet they can likewise be set up to utilize area lines. The thought is to have the capacity to check in and check out continuously. That way you can take after the amount time is used by whom and from where. The majority of this information will be some piece of your reports for future assessing of occupation expenses so the sooner you switch to a time tracking application, the sooner you will start accumulating vital information to start forecasting precisely on those approaching offers.

Notwithstanding basic time management, a robotized time tracking application will likewise permit you to allot faculty fittingly and sufficiently to different occupations. It will give occupation codes, making it simple for employees to check lock stock and done with one employment and lock stock and done with an alternate.

That ought to make your customers put more trust in your business. When they get their receipts for work, they can be sure that human mistake is minimized. Furthermore when your employee checks in, they can get their day by day schedule and minimize their instabilities about what must be carried out and where. They hold the rundown in their grasp. On the off chance that they wind up taking a shot at numerous occupations, your time tracking software permits you to take after their advancement for the duration of the day.

Furthermore that receipt your client got? You forecasted accurately. It is created by an online time tracking program also. Actually, you can choose to make your reporting as basic or as perplexing as you’d like it to be. Then it benefits your business in the present as well as foretells what you will need in your future with regards to labor, materials, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Prior to the advent of the technology age, which hardly anyone was able to prognosticate, none of these options were even possibilities for you and your burgeoning business but fortunately for you, it’s not just wishful thinking, it’s reality. Check out web-based, cloud-computing, mobile time tracking and guess what? No more guesswork. Nix the crystal ball.

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