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Business Overview

Davis Aquatic Masters was created by a small group of volunteers who wanted to encourage swim instruction and has grown into the largest masters swim team in the nation with over 500 active members.

Better known as DAM, the team has provided an opportunity for thousands of masters to swim and has changed the face of Davis, a Northern California city that is the home of the University of California – Davis.

Currently, DAM’s mission remains unchanged from its early years, which is to serve as an organization “dedicated to improving the community by providing increased physical fitness through swimming and competitive opportunities for all adults and providing education on the health benefits of swimming.”

Scheduling Overview

We currently have 3 employees. Two coaches and a finance director (she collects the dues). Currently DAM has some 500 dues paying members and employs three persons, a full time head coach, a part time assistant coach and a part time finance director and operates on a $261,545 annual budget. DAM is a membership organization and policies are set by an all-volunteer Board of Directors made up of seven unpaid members who are elected by the DAM membership to two-year rotating terms. DAM’s operations are guided by Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, Policies and Procedures and annual work plans.

The biggest challenge is that our lifeguarding program is all volunteer. We have over 50 guards but not all are willing to sign up for a specific practice and we cannot hold people accountable if they do not show up.




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Previous Scheduling Method

We were using a Google document and email to have guards sign up. I would have to enter their names into the document and send it out to all the guards so that they knew when they had signed up and what practices still needed to be filled.

Since Humanity

The work scheduler Humanity allows the guards to sign up for the practices they want weeks in advance and change their schedules without having to contact me. The work scheduler enables us to have a dynamic calendar.

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It has made my life and our guards lives much easier! – Julie Lohr-Shelton – Davis Aquatic Masters

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